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Hey, your hole is burning!

Posted by mesablue on March 25, 2008

Adventures in engineering disasters involving drilling holes in things, part 2.


Darvaza: The Burning Gates

In 1971 a search for gas went wrong when a whole drilling rig fell into an underground cavern. Natural gas started coming up from the hole. It was set alight so it wouldn’t kill everything around. For 35 years now the flames keep burning providing an spectacular seen for tourists. At night the burning gas makes the crater seen from miles away. The crater is located in Turkmenistan in the heart of the Karakum desert. The crater is called Darvaza or The Burning Gates.

Click the linky above for lots more cool pictures of the big burning hole.


23 Responses to “Hey, your hole is burning!”

  1. Rosetta said

    That reminds me of high school prom.

  2. mesablue said

    Of course, what doesn’t?

  3. Having an actual date to his high school prom?

  4. Rosetta said

    Why do you hurt?

  5. Um, cuz it makes me laugh?

  6. PattyAnn said

    So, is this the Food & Hole blog now?

  7. wiserbud said

    Ya see? This is why we have Global Warming. Because someone left the heater running.

  8. Rosetta said

    So, is this the Food & Hole blog now?

    pajama momma’s gonna be pissed.

  9. Rosetta said

    wiserbud dared me to say that.

  10. Wiserbud I knew you were the biggest jerk ever! I know rosetta would never think to say something like that on his own.

  11. Rosetta said

    I shouldn’t let wiserbud manipulate me like that.

    I’m ashamed of myself.

  12. forged rite said

    Hey hun? Where do you want to go for vacation this year?

    Oh, i don’t know. Maybe the portal to hell?

    Ooohhh, that sounds great. Maybe we’ll get lucky and satan will damn someone’s soul to an eternity of fire and sorrow.

    Hopefully not our souls though, haha.

    Haha, yes. Hopefully not ours, someone else’s.

    Let’s see what kind of deal we can get on travelocity.


    Hmmm, this sounds pretty good. Portal to hell for $499.

    Yes, that does sound good. It’s only a one way ticket though.

    You’re right. Well, i’m sure we can find a way back from the portal of hell.

    Yes, of course.

    Let’s book it!

    Ok! Portal to hell, here we come!

  13. I shouldn’t let wiserbud manipulate me like that.

    I’m ashamed of myself.

    Come here rosetta, sit on pajama momma’s lap.
    *looks at wiserbud
    You’re a filthy, filthy animal. Look at you!
    *grabs rosetta’s face
    Look at this! How could you? How could you corrupt this teeny tiny, itty bitty mind right here? I mean, look how little it is! That’s just wrong.
    *shakes head
    It’s bad juju

  14. wiserbud said

    Rosetta, you may want to clean yourself up reeeeeeal good after sitting on……… that. Deep, deep cleaning. And maybe some strong sanitizing as well.

  15. Rosetta said

    I just got a tetanus shot so I’m good.

  16. You two suck! Why can’t you insult each other for once?

  17. Rosetta said

    *puts on glove*
    *pats pajama momma on the head*

    There there…it will be okay…

  18. wiserbud said

    *opens furnace door so Rosetta can toss glove in

  19. Rosetta said

    *accidentally trips pajama momma*
    *watches as she plunges head first into furnace*
    *runs upstairs to call 911*
    *gets distracted with other things*

  20. You two stole kids’ lunch money didn’t you?

  21. wiserbud said

    You two stole kids’ lunch money didn’t you?

    “Stole” is such an ugly word.

    I prefer “politely convinced them to voluntarily donate their money to me.”

  22. You know, it’s not a dry country, they could like. . .divert a small river and dowse it just like we can do with centralia, but don’t because of stupid reasons to end the fire.

    and before I was expelled I had a date to the prom as a junior, and I , _I_ was band from that prom.

    Later I was expelled, and had a date, and I, _I_ was banned from my prom.

    Me no go to prom, I just fucked easy chicks without having to rent a suit.

    OH WOE WAS I!!!!

  23. MeggoSexxx said


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