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Microsoft dorks gone wild

Posted by mesablue on April 19, 2008

Vista came pre-loaded on my Core 2 Quad machine, but no way is it going on my Pentium 4 laptop.

Not. That. Stupid.


10 Responses to “Microsoft dorks gone wild”

  1. Rosetta said

    My PCs and laptop are all XP. Mrs. Rosetta was in need of a new laptop last year so we got her a sweet new Dell with Vista. Heh.

    I’ve heard that the next OS after Vista is already in the works. Is that true? If so I’m waiting.

    Stupid computers.

  2. BrewFan said

    Don’t upgrade to Vista unless you are about to retire and have a lot of time on your hands!

  3. I have Vista. I got it around last June. I’m fine with it now, but I spent the first six months highly irritated because no downloads were compatible with it.

  4. geoff said

    Still irritated with my copy of Vista. I bought my Vista laptop 6 months ago, but I keep using my old XP Pro laptop ‘cuz I can’t get stuff done in Vista.

  5. Rosetta said


    *kicks mesablue who’s passed out on the floor*

    Wake up!!

    It’s time to post something new on food or holes.

  6. mesablue said

    I made some good food the other day.

  7. mesablue said

    Heh, after I posted this, my old laptop crapped out.

    The new one has Vista. It’s faster because it’s a Core 2 Duo, but it won’t run the game I’m playing now. Stupid Vista.

  8. I upgraded PCs last month after my hard drive on the old XP machine crashed. I was due for a new machine anyway, and since I was going to have to reload my applications anyway, …

    Initially I felt Vista sucked mightily. We’re talkin’ golf ball through garden hose. Y’know … 10^-8 Torr?…Hard vacuum?…Deep space? But now that I’ve finally gotten a measure of control over it, it isn’t too bad. I’d still take XP back in a second.

  9. wiserbud said

    I travel with two laptops, both with the exact same specs (pretty good, btw), with the only difference being one has Vista and the other has XP. I avoid using the Vista laptop like the plague, because it is so god-awful slow.

    Vista sucks.

  10. Mad Bluebird said

    Like those silly MICOSOFT ads a few years ago i mean some kid wave his arms and isnastantly all the kids are playing silly musical inserments chualdrawn or some kid sit in a chair and soon he shouts ACTION and he is abig time director for some stupid liberal mindless movie or tv series or some tiny little resruant is insnatly a french bistro STUPID MINDLESS ADS

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