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Aye laddie

Posted by mesablue on May 3, 2008

Craig Ferguson at this year’s White House correspondents dinner.  Funny stuff.

As a new citizen, he picks on those here that whine about America.  Check out some of the smug bastards in the press corps who refused to laugh.  Guess he’s not PC enough for their superior sensibilities.


13 Responses to “Aye laddie”

  1. nicedeb said

    Jeez, who’s the fat bastard at 8:30 resting his fat double chin on his hands? What a sourpuss.

  2. Lemur King said

    Loved him on the Drew Carey Show and he was great here. Thanks for passing this on. It’s rare that you even hear of someone originally from Europe willing to admit that they came to the US to become a citizen. It’s too in vogue to sit and bash the US with a smug air of superiority while being allowed to opt-out by their nanny-state country.

    “… well we weren’t invited!” … “Well neither was Mexico…!”

    Thanks for the post mesablue.

  3. shoey said

    i love this guy, i’m going to have to start Tivo-ing his show.

  4. Rosetta said

    *sniff sniff*

    Ahhh….new post smell.

    I think Craig Ferguson is the funniest of the late night guys. He has impeccable comedic timing.


  5. Zachg56 said

    I agree

  6. Where ya been man?

  7. mesablue said

    Mostly at The Hostages.

  8. Tushar said

    >>I haz a blog?

    Yes, you do.

  9. Rosetta said

    *notices that bank has foreclosed on AMA following abandonment*

    *tries to buy it for $1*

  10. nicedeb said


    [[[[hello]]]] [[[[hello]]]] [[[[hello]]]] [[[[hello]]]]

  11. Darn, I got here too late and missed it.

  12. Mirra said

    Did YouTube yank the video?

  13. mesablue said

    Yeah, looks like they did.

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