Absolute Moral Authority

Because plain old moral authority just wasn’t good enough — a mesablue production


Posted by mesablue on June 9, 2008


7 Responses to “Urkel”

  1. Robert said

    Check out that back tire…he fails at being Urkel!

  2. Aaron said

    Looks completely like a white dork with a nice dark tan. No wonder he was trying to find his father’s roots…he needed to get some cool fast.

  3. ChenZhen said

    What, he’d get the thumbs up if he was going helmetless riding a Mongoose?

  4. Dork alert indeed.

  5. Untuck the shirt dude.

  6. Old Iron said

    I bet he has a “Member’s Only” jacket.

    He is the only member.

  7. count said


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