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Peace, love and hoping that you die a horrible death

Posted by mesablue on July 28, 2008

Moonbat bloggers bring out the hate for Bob Novak.


It wasn’t that long ago that they said the same things about Tony Snow.  You’d think it would take a little longer to build up so much anger.

Found at Hot Air.

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Stupid moonbat tricks #14337

Posted by mesablue on July 25, 2008

It just doesn’t get much weirder than this…

A democrat candidate for Congress in Ohio let a body double play candidate for a day in a local parade.

OH-15: Crazy Mary Jo Kilroy Sends Look-Alike to Wave for Her at a Parade

With juicy video goodness:

So, what does the Kilroy campaign do when caught red handed with their dopplerganger out?

Of course, what any good little moonbat would do, blame a volunteer who “has an intellectual disability” and demand an apology for exposing their idiocy.

Also at Doubleplusundead, American Thinker and Ace of Spades HQ.

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Pretty hole

Posted by mesablue on July 24, 2008

At Yellowstone.

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Mars warming

Posted by mesablue on July 8, 2008

It’s your fault…

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