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Mars warming

Posted by mesablue on July 8, 2008

It’s your fault…

8 Responses to “Mars warming”

  1. Rosetta said

    I didn’t know they had cow flatulence on Mars.

    Can we send Al Gore there?

  2. PattyAnn said

    Now I understand the re-make of “The Day the Earth Stood Still”.

  3. […] Absolute Moral Authority has a fun jab a Globular Worming. […]

  4. “Can we send Al Gore there?”

    You mean he isn’t there already producing carbon with his big mouth?

  5. cranky said

    If the people of Mars would just start driving hybrids they might be able to reverse this lamentable trend.

  6. Rosetta said

    This blog sucks.

    It needs some pictures of healthy, good lookin’ chicks with big boobs.

  7. Mad Bluebird said

    Hey when did AL GORE and GREENPEACE get on mars? Will MARVIN and K-9 be going after them for being obsttant stupid earthling idiots

  8. larry said

    wow 1.5 C in 40 years thats serouse

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