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Pretty hole

Posted by mesablue on July 24, 2008

At Yellowstone.


7 Responses to “Pretty hole”

  1. reminds me of one of those rocks you break open and it’s all pretty and crystallized inside.

    agate I guess


  2. oh man, people really make me mad

    Over the years visitors tossed coins, trash, sticks and rocks into the pool, causing its vent to clog and the flow of water to decrease. This prompted the temperature in the pool to lessen, causing the pool’s deep blue color to fade and allowing the red and yellow algae that formerly only survived at the fringe of the pool to grow toward the center. The road has since been removed and now Morning Glory Pool is reached by a flat 1.5 mile flat walk from the Old Faithful Inn area.

  3. i cant post comments on dpud @ work for some reason, but nah, i don’t have the AoS open blog info.

  4. Rosetta said

    Nice hole.

  5. Rich said

    “Nice hole.”

    Rosetta’s usual pick-up line.

  6. Rosetta said

    Rich’s usual pick-up line:

    Penny for your thoughts…

  7. […] This is the “pool” I let the kids dig back in February. The dirt in our backyard is actually sand, so it normally just sucks any rainwater right in. The hole is a little over two feet deep and is completely filled with┬árainwater. I’m pretty sure it’s going to look like this any day now.┬á […]

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