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Peace, love and hoping that you die a horrible death

Posted by mesablue on July 28, 2008

Moonbat bloggers bring out the hate for Bob Novak.


It wasn’t that long ago that they said the same things about Tony Snow.  You’d think it would take a little longer to build up so much anger.

Found at Hot Air.


5 Responses to “Peace, love and hoping that you die a horrible death”

  1. I saw this when Tony Snow passed- heck I even blogged about it.

  2. Triple-thick irony shake on table 11.

    Honestly, I don’t believe that the KOStards and DUmmies understand just how much they undermine their “compassionate” bs everything the mask slips and the frothing is revealed.

  3. eddiebear said

    ^They don’t care. They know they will not be held accountable by The Deciders, so they feel emboldened to act as they please.

  4. Dude! This post is old and stuff.

  5. Mad Bluebird said

    Their steady diets of nuts,berries,LSD and liberal stupididy has made their brains shrink from walnut sized to pea sized any smaller and their brains will no longer exist

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