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Posted by Wickedpinto on September 6, 2008

But not exactly incorrect.  

Obama said,

“Even if I want to take them away, I don’t have the votes in Congress.”

I can actually sorta kinda understand this position.  Though Obama, the articulate one, is too stupid to phrase it properly.

I’m opposed to abortion, thats why I always pull out no matter what contraception is uses, YOU ARE WELCOME LADIES, I don’t want kids, I’m not prepared for kids, and I have no intention of having any, Why?  Cuz I’m a coward.

Anyways, I don’t want any kids, but Abortion is Murder.  It is.  I’m not in favor of making Abortion illegal, I’m in favor of abortion being safe, legal and HUMILIATING! which will make it rare.  If you had an abortion, you killed a child, is it an option (not a right, and OPTION) available thanks to modern medicine?  Yes, are you still killing a child? YES!

It is not the presidents perogative to outlaw abortion, so that shouldn’t even be an argument, and if you argue that the courts might overturn RVW then how about you lobby your flogging state legislature, or your federal reps to allow it in the legislature, rather than begging a group, lets say a Party, perhaps a polit bureau, to represent and create your “rights?”

Now Obama is right, it is also not the presidents perogative to outlaw guns, it’s the legislative branch’s duty to act as though the second ammendment is just words, and to be overturned by a truly constitutional judiciary. 

What obama screwed up with, was saying “I DON’t Have the votes.”  How does he know he doesn’t have the votes?  I thought he was post-partisan, he can work with anyone, I thought he could mend the division in the nation, I thought he was the obamassiah who can cure the worlds ill’s by invocation?

What?  He admitted he can’t without a fillibuster proof partisan majority?  But, but, uhh, yeah, uh, well, uh, guns, uh, judges uh well, yah, sooooooooo, uh.

(tired and needed to toss up a post, pardon the poor formulation.)

Update:  I should add, that my opinions aren’t this extreme, they aren’t far off, but I just took a more extreme stance when I was putting this up.  Just wanted to make that clear, I still mean what I said, I justs would moderate my language a little.


9 Responses to “Inartful”

  1. Well, damn! Not bad for just, “tossing up a post.”

  2. Thanks Joan, I’ve been looking for your link.

  3. I once described it to an infertile aunt as “I won’t have kids cuz I’m a coward, people who abort kids are traitors.”

    My family in general is big on me growing up (what is that?) and getting a job, and getting married and having children.

    I’m not.

  4. Gotta go with your strengths, WP. Good for you for calling it like it is. But as an “online aunt” if you will allow it, I should say, in some sort of Yenta-like voice, “you won’t be so young and saucy forever. Who’s gonna look after your nasty ass when your senile brain makes you shit your britches? Only someone who loves you, that’s who!”



  5. […] September 6, 2008 Wickedpinto is blogging again over at Absolute Moral Authority and at the Hostages. Go visit. If you’re not familiar with him, he’s the guy who won’t have kids because he’s a coward. And he thinks people who a…. […]

  6. Vmaximus said

    Yes Wicked,
    Joan of Argghh! is right,
    I am divorced once and never remarried, 47 no kids. I am starting to wonder what is going to happen to me when I get older.
    If I do not have anyone to help me…
    Maybe, hopefully, I will just head to Alaska and Live as long as I can take care of myself.

  7. I have no INTENTION!

    I don’t think there is a large number of people over the age of 30, who expects marriage and children, after 30 years of being single, especially guys.

    I don’t INTEND, but who knows, maybe when I get my shit together, lightning will strike. I don’t ignore the option, I simply have no intention of seeking it out. It is something that must happen on it’s own.

  8. Prudie said

    “Who’s gonna look after your nasty ass when your senile brain makes you shit your britches? Only someone who loves you, that’s who!”

    Or a well paid nurse. Or at least, a nurse who can’t let you go too long in your shitty britches without your senile roommate complaining between fantasies of living in WWII era Poland with Natalie Woods and Zsa Zsa Gabor.

  9. Don’t turn me on prudie, I gave up porn.

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