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Obama Worked with the. . . community.

Posted by Wickedpinto on September 9, 2008

Or something.

Wisconsin Steel, was fucked as soon as the socialist policies of the 60’s and 70’s caught up with them, as described in minor, at the National Review here.

But the real problems with Wisconsin Steel, the ONLY raw metal steel mill in the Chicago area, was the oppressive government and Union protections that made it IMPOSSIBLE for wisconsin steel to make money, as described here.

Originaly, Winsconsin Steel was a VERY valid mill, because of their access to the great lakes, which Northwest Indiana had yet to attain, because NW Indiana was still made up of Swamps, and Ice floats at the time of Wisconsin’s creation, in the 1880’s.

SINCE Wisconsin Steel Shut down, LTV, Bethlehem, US Steel, and others in the NW Indiana area also shut down, thing is, that ALL of the NWI (NorthWest Indiana) mills have re-opened, because Indiana doesn’t tax and tax and tax and tax and tax like Illinois, in general, and Chicago in specific do.

It isn’t TRADE that destroyed the mills, it’s the socialists like Obama that destroyed it, with the ignorant acceptance of foolish union managers driving the mill into the ground.

Obama?  You worked with the “Chicago Mills.”  when it’s actually, Mill, as in singular, you FAILED!  Indiana succeeded.

Thank god, while my part of Indy is lib, It’s not retarded.

I lost track, but Obama didn’t help one fucking person who lost their job at Wisconsin Steel.

Not a ONE!  If anyone did, it was Tom McDermit Sr.


One Response to “Obama Worked with the. . . community.”

  1. Kinda irritated, cuz this was actually a decent research and content oriented post, but who cares, I guess I should have called wisconsin still a piece of shit.

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