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Can a Christianist help me out here?

Posted by Wickedpinto on September 16, 2008

What is a fundamentalist Christian?

I, sorta kinda raised in a Catholic environment, always understood that the “fundamentals” of christianity was the acceptance of Jesus, as the Christ and Lord, and that we are all Sinners, and that through The Christ, Jesus, we are forgiven our sins.

are there any more fundamentals that I’m missing?  Or are there a few thousand pages missing from my bible?

Also, I’m sure most of you guys know, I’m an atheist, so this is an honest question.

Because I don’t believe that vitriolic lefty’s know what fundamentalist christians believe

Update: I’m an atheist, but I am comfortable with that moniker because of my understanding of the will of god through my somewhat sorta catholic upbringing.  I can live a good life, and apologize for those things that I have done wrong, and be forgiven if I am wrong.  I think that my not exactly, but somewhat related to my upbringing that is associated with Catholocism has given me a firm grasp of right and wrong, even though I don’t think that there is an all knowing and caring individual sitting on high messing with my life, or the lives of others.   So, I try to live a good life, a kind life, and when I don’t I feel bad and I beg forgiveness from those I might have wronged.  It’s easy to be an atheist, if you realize that a good and proper god, doesn’t mind, as long as you follow his perfectly reasonable edicts (christian, not Joo.)

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