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Can a Christianist help me out here?

Posted by Wickedpinto on September 16, 2008

What is a fundamentalist Christian?

I, sorta kinda raised in a Catholic environment, always understood that the “fundamentals” of christianity was the acceptance of Jesus, as the Christ and Lord, and that we are all Sinners, and that through The Christ, Jesus, we are forgiven our sins.

are there any more fundamentals that I’m missing?  Or are there a few thousand pages missing from my bible?

Also, I’m sure most of you guys know, I’m an atheist, so this is an honest question.

Because I don’t believe that vitriolic lefty’s know what fundamentalist christians believe

Update: I’m an atheist, but I am comfortable with that moniker because of my understanding of the will of god through my somewhat sorta catholic upbringing.  I can live a good life, and apologize for those things that I have done wrong, and be forgiven if I am wrong.  I think that my not exactly, but somewhat related to my upbringing that is associated with Catholocism has given me a firm grasp of right and wrong, even though I don’t think that there is an all knowing and caring individual sitting on high messing with my life, or the lives of others.   So, I try to live a good life, a kind life, and when I don’t I feel bad and I beg forgiveness from those I might have wronged.  It’s easy to be an atheist, if you realize that a good and proper god, doesn’t mind, as long as you follow his perfectly reasonable edicts (christian, not Joo.)

29 Responses to “Can a Christianist help me out here?”

  1. faemom said

    Go to http://www.religioustolerance.org, they have a great description on what fundamentalist Christianity is.
    Or from “Religious Literacy” by Stephan Prothero. “They stress conversion, epmphasize the Bible with its inerrancy on all subjects; they are against premarital sex, abortion, and homosexuality. They are against modernity and theological modernism”

    They seem to put more of an emphasis in the Old Testament God of vengence is mine, not the more forgiving father of the New Testament. And they seem really angry

  2. I’m talking about the truly articulated fundamentals of Christ, not the progression of Judaic intolerance.

    I mean, David put entire cities to the sword, saving only the women who MAY join with Jewish men.

  3. Fundies would disagree on a definition, unfortunately. Broadly, it’s applied to two camps:

    Strict: the Bible is the inerrant Word of God in every detail, i.e., age of the Earth, etc. Look up Bill Gautherd (sp?) seminars, “Institutes in Basic Youth Conflicts” for a good idea. Not bad people, not judgmental people, just …comfortable in the strict boundaries. Ned Flanders types. Rules and laws that bring righteous peace, more than an intimate relationship with the Divine. But many are also…

    Spiritual: believe in the Truths of the Bible, more transcendent and immanently realized. Speak in tongues, prayers for healing, the manifested Presence of the Divine intersects in every day life and thus we are compelled to righteous acts. More of a personal relationship that changes the spirit from the inside by virtue of one’s Birthright into the Divine.

    There is an amalgam of the two, very “free” folks, much like yourself, who embrace the Birthright, receive the Grace, and pretty much live life without worrying about treading on obscure strictures, or anachronistic anti-science nonsense. Level-headed in things of the world dialogue; comfortable in the immanence of the Divine intersecting and changing one’s life and actions.

    And then there’s a million distaff others who will disagree with the rest.

    Which is how you know that Jesus was no community organizer.

    He was a Maverick, I believe. Whipping lawyers and tax accountants with a cat-o-nine-tails; calling them vile names, challenging their fitness to rule. Eschewed being elected to any office.

  4. and faemom?

    At first read,at the link you provided, it looks like one of those all inclusive, non-religious cult sorta places, where we all bow to the dalai, or to yaweh bin yaweh.

    Capitilistic religion is worse that what is called fundamentalism.

  5. ericyoungblood10 said

    There is a lot of confusion about what a “fundamentalist” Christian is. Today is seems more to be a derogatory term used to label a certain type of Christian who is seen to be angry, judgmental, and against all of the things listed in the previous comment. To say that they put more of an emphasis on the Old Testament God of vengeance is purely a statement of opinion.
    Here are the facts:

    Fundamentalism was a movement among Christians at the turn of the century in American and England. Yes, it was a reaction against modernism, but it was the modernism that had infected the Christian faith that they were reacting against. There was a liberal movement in the Church under the influence of secular society that began to deny some of the beliefs that many considered “fundamentals”. So these fundamentalist Christians responded to it by publishing the a 12 volume series called The Fundamentals: A Testimony to the Truth (that is where the term came from. During that time, there was a type of scholarship known as higher criticism that they believed was undermining the Christian faith. So essentially here are the Fundamentals:
    1) the inerrancy of the Bible
    2) Sola Scriptura
    3) the virgin birth of Christ
    4) the doctrine of substitutionary atonement
    5) the bodily resurrection of Jesus
    6) and the imminent personal return of Jesus Christ

    As far as the modern understanding of the title “fundamentalist,” I have no use for it. It is mainly a way to generalize a whole group of people and then write them categorically.
    I hope this helps.

    • BGR (a Christian) said

      Ericyoungblood10 is most correct. The “Religious Tolerance” website is not even close. Everything I read there concerning Christianity was clearly written by a someone who has no idea and is believing everything their liberal professors told them about Christianity. The aim of those I would call ‘fundamental’ is a desire that their own church and denomination sticks to the ‘fundamentals’ of Christianity. Some may expect that of society at large, which is unBiblical and not fundamental. Still, we are Christian first, so our conscience is held to what is considered Biblically right and wrong, even when we vote.

      It is also not fundamental in any major historic denomination that everyone’s sins are forgiven automatically. The atonement of Christ was limited either in scope (Reformed/Calvinist) or in effect (Semi-Pelagian/Arminian). Fundamental tends to be used most to describe Protestantism rather than Roman Catholicism. Protestants would consider the Reformation as a move back to fundamentals.

  6. So Eric, my basic understanding of christs infallibity and his surrender unto death, cleared us of all sins, is basicly the Only fundamental aspect of christianity?

  7. 5 and 6, as sarah silverman said, is basicaly “jesus is magic,” but everything else validates my basic understanding of the teachings of christ.

  8. ericyoungblood10 said

    “Wickedpinto Says:
    September 16, 2008 at 4:55 pm

    So Eric, my basic understanding of christs infallibity and his surrender unto death, cleared us of all sins, is basicly the Only fundamental aspect of christianity?”
    As you see above there are other aspects dealing with the view and role of the Bible in the Christian faith, but they should be seen in the context of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection since the teachings of Jesus and the disciples reveal that the entire purpose of the Old Testament was to point to and lead to the Messiah/Savior/King, Jesus of Nazareth. To say “only fundamental aspect of Christianity” is like saying that all there is to life is a beating heart, breathing lungs and a working digestive tract. If you read the Scriptures and have come to believe that they are God’s word given to us, then it should affect and influence every area of life. But yes, you are right in saying that Jesus’ sinlessless, his surrender to death, taking our punishment and forgiving our sins is the fundamental aspect of Christianity.

  9. Like I said Eric, I’m an atheist, but my upbringing, makes me angry when stupid leftists define fundamentalists as stupid automatons.

  10. Hey, just go ahead and delete my comment, it’ll hurt less. And free up bandwidth.


  11. Joan?

    It’s just that you were too lawyerly in your description, that my drunk crazy ass lost track.

  12. eating, like it matters.

  13. eating, like it matters.


  14. OMG! Watching the insufferable Colbert Report with some hapless Baptist bastid stealing my thunder about Jesus being a Maverick.

    *deleting blog post I was writing in my head*


    I guess I’ll have more time to pray for your druken-ass soul, WP. Right after I pour another round. (Ewhiskipalian.)

  15. yes still, I gots SPAMMICHES!!!

  16. faemom said

    Actually the link I provided is to promote religious tolerance, and they do a good job on presenting the facts of each religion, since they fact check and aren’t pressured to define the “true” religion. So I think it’s worth your time to do a second look, since you’re so curious.

  17. Vmaximus said

    I miss your Blog!
    Gothard (I think it is spelled), I went to one or 2 of them when I was a kid. Stick, meet ass. Good info, waaaaaay to dogmatic.

    Wicked, Joan was right, it is not monolithic, every denomination / church / individual is different, but as a broad brush literal. every word of the bible is true.

  18. Alfie said

    spammiches a great food.

  19. Pretty much everyone I know hates spam.

    But about every 2 or 3 months, I crave a spammich, and by golly I eat them, and me likey!

  20. xbradtc said

    Spam is the food of the Debil! You’ll burn for that!

    Unless it’s fried with chunks of pineapple.

    As noted above, the term fundamental has now been corrupted to be a derogatory term to marginalize Christians. I would posit that “fundamentalist” is merely whatever Christians the left wants to smear today.

    The other definition is “any theology more conservative than mine”, which I’m pretty ok with, since “heretical” is any theology less conservative than mine.

  21. i see dems in florida are including palin jokes in their prayers. wouldn’t have thought that taunting the almighty was a good idea, but hey, whadue i know?

  22. I’m an Atheist, but absolutely respectful of those who are among the faithful.

    I HATE!! those who ACT as though they are faithful while SHITTING on faith.

    Obama is in that group.

    EVERYONE, even my brother, who is as vulgar as I am, are faithful, with the exception of myself and one of my cousins, who is an idiot, cuz he just wants to be a rebel, even though he lives on his daddy’s dollar, like I live in mommies.

    I’m an atheist, because I am confust, I don’t believe, and I don’t trust, and I don’t . . . truth be told, deserve, gods faith.

    Everyone else? they aren’t confused.

    They can see the sun rise, they can look at their family, they can watch the sun set, and stare into the sky, filled with stars.

    filled with stars, and see infinity.

    WHO, or WHAT can create that?

  23. Wickedpinto said

    A Christianist, congrats on coining a new term by the way, would be an individual who believes in the ten commandments and the golden rule

  24. Who jacked My fucking name?

  25. Oh, that was my pops screwing up, nevermind.

    And Pops, I didn’t coin it, and it’s actually an insult. Andy sullivan coined it to insult christians who aren’t as christian as he is, likening them to “Islamists.”

  26. Ewhiskipalian

    Took me a month, but that IS FLOGGING FUNNY!

  27. Too bad ole Satan has confused the world, including you well
    meaning atheists ……about what God is presently doing in this modern age.
    All you have ever seen in this world is Christianity’s counterfeit religions.
    God is only currently passing out free gifts to salvation and eternal life to all the sick sinners
    in this world. but hurry and get your eternal life and forgiveness of all your sins…
    past, present,and future while you still can. Time is just about up. If you chose not LIFE..
    MAY May God bless you richly with is GRACE.

    Brother Mark

  28. BGR (a Christian) said

    When ‘fundamental’ as a term applied to Christians began surfacing in the media it was simply an attempt to associate fundamental Christianity with extreme religious ‘fundamental’ groups such as cults and Islam and to thus villainize them and the way they vote.
    When Christianity and the Bible run counter to what some people want, they realize the votes of Christians and convince many mostly nominal Christians to vote their way by making it seem as though those who believe something is wrong are ‘radical fundamentalists’. It’s a method of propaganda.

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