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The Palin Thing Reminds Me of Something.

Posted by Wickedpinto on September 18, 2008

As we all know Sarah Palin’s yahoo account was “hacked.”

I hope the guy goes to jail.

I hope he pisses and shits himself on live television when he gets sentenced.

I hope that Obama gets called out for the fact that while he doesn’t lend his name to those efforts, he is directly responsible for causing these acts by promotion and incitement, by using tactics identified by the son of a self defined radical.

and the defense of this little punk, not just by other lefty wackjobs(note, talk left is one of the more honest left sites, 4 stories on lipstic, 2 on tanning beds, none on a gross violation of privacy by a pathetic little manboy who’s daddy will pull him out of a felony, NONE) , but by the supposedly sober media, makes me think of how John J. Haley is a Piece of Fucking Shit.

Just thinking about that made me giggle.


2 Responses to “The Palin Thing Reminds Me of Something.”

  1. […] Another WPPBA member posts, this one hoping the culprit goes to jail.  Still waiting for the charge… Possibly related […]

  2. If you chose to follow the link, which I suggest you do, then you will find that whoever that guy, in comment #1 is an idiot.

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