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Dick Durbin, MIGHT! be good Friends with John J. Haley

Posted by Wickedpinto on October 6, 2008

Dick Durbin really cares about the troops

When they are victims.

Poor poor servicemembers!  As you step out of the loving womb of your beloved mother and away from the protections of your loving and caring daddies to serve in the greatest fighting force this world has ever seen, why do we, as Americans forget that these are just stupid little infants?

Then again, not ALL servicemembers are poor poor servicemembers!  Some are Low and Vile murderers, Sadists, and Fools, taking advantage of the easily manipulated attitudes of their surrogate daddy, George Bush!

NOW! Servicemembers are EVIL! and must be denounced on the floor of the congress!

“I support the troops, who I don’t slander!”  Durbin, is now running on a pro-military commercial.

Granted, it’s chicago, so it won’t matter, but. . .

Does anyone else notice a difference?

I kinda do, but aparently I’m stupid for noticing this, since all of the local news media doesn’t, and they are just OH SO EFFING SMART!

Update:   Mesa?  Help a Brother out, should I just give up on the bracket embed stuff?  none of my previous are coming through but yours are, just go with straight code nextime?

LATE question:  did durbin support schiavo when SHE was in a vegetative state?  Or only when government employed union emplyees could proffit off of veterans in vegetative states?  (see first link)


2 Responses to “Dick Durbin, MIGHT! be good Friends with John J. Haley”

  1. MCPO Airdale said

    Durbin is a shitweasel who deserves to be shunned by a just society.

  2. I thought about pimping this comparisson, but it just won’t work.

    ESPECIALLY in chicago, I think he’s just making paid for noise, so he can shuffle his contributions to other America hating, ServiceMember hating, pieces of shit socialists, that command Democratchik politics.

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