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We’re NUMBER 1!!!!!!!!Eleventy!

Posted by Wickedpinto on October 28, 2008

Chicago is Number one in the Nation, YAY!!

Almost double LA in murders!

Chicago is even better than Gary!


Bring the Olympics Baby!


Murder capital of the US?

Maybe thats not such a good thing.

[ed note: “We’re NUMBER 1!!!!!!!!Eleventy!” or as I learned from Mesa a few days ago.   “1!!!!!!!!!!!!!onezy!”  don’t know why, just thought it was funny.]


7 Responses to “We’re NUMBER 1!!!!!!!!Eleventy!”

  1. Prudie said

    I’m happy for you? I guess.

    At least this is one time that Atlanta isn’t #1 on some crappy list.

  2. Jenn said

    Ah Barack Obama’s home town. Great community organizing.

  3. Anna-Lys said

    Is this an under cover warning to the US President?


  4. I’m a hoosier burbian anal-liz.

    Obama is the one who organized that peace loving community.

  5. Mad Bluebird said

    Maybe the reason the CHICAGO(THE WINDY CITY) has such a high murder rate is becuase its jerk mayor RICHARD DAILEY is abig time liberal demacrat gun control freak and maybe also the fact is that they call it the WINDY CITY is becuase its run by abunch of liberal demacratic windbags and also that the name CHICAGO is derived from a indian word meaning BAD SMELL oh yes the stench in chicago city hall is tremendous

  6. fact is that they call it the WINDY CITY is becuase its run by abunch of liberal demacratic windbag

    Mad Bluebird, that is ACTUALLY why it is called the windy city.

    We have a lot of wind tunnels cuz of the buildings and the lake and stuff, but it’s called “the windy city” because after a democrat convention way back when a reporter was amazed at all the blowhard elitist fucks in the party who basically fought for position to be the first to be interviewed and talk about what it is that they could do.

    I think that same convention is when we got the lesser nickname. . .I’m gonna screw this up “city of sharp shoulders?” or something like that.

  7. I think that tribe is the “Calumet” tribe, and it’s not an actual translation, though it’s close, I think it’s actually something related to the river. can’t remember, ain’t been a boyscout, let alone a good person in a long time.

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