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He will be The President.

Posted by Wickedpinto on November 7, 2008

      I Love this country.  I served this country, and the greatest regret in my life, greater than walking away from a few opportunities of marriage to wonderful women, is the fact that I did not re-enlist for selfish reasons.  To this day, almost 10 years later, I drink myself stupid, in fact, I will be due to drink myself stupid in just 3 days, cuz it’s “my” birthday, as I watch all of these other men, who didn’t cave into selfishness, and have stayed strong in service, and continue to serve.

     I Love this country.  And while I was a “Clinton Marine,”  I was still Marine, and Clinton was The President of The United States of America.

     And on jan 20th, I will still love this country, even though Barrack Obama will be The President of The United States of America.

      President Obama wasn’t my pick, any more than Clinton was, but he will be The President of The United States of America.

     That said.  All of these references I’m reading by conservative bloggers saying that Obama is a good man?  No.  I won’t say that.  Nor will I assume he is a bad man, or anything else.  Glenn has a roundup.

     I don’t think Obama is evil, but really, what kind of recommendation is that?  “You don’t kill puppies!”  of course he doesn’t, though I hear glenn drinks puppy milkshakes, can’t find the link right now, but really!!!  Obama doesn’t kill puppies!  Of course he doesn’t, he doesn’t even OWN A FUCKING PUPPY!

      What kind of man, with a family, and has the means doesn’t own a friggen pet?

      I don’t know, nor do you.

      Is Obama a good man?  Maybe, but you know what?

      I don’t know, nor do you.

      What kind of man, associates closely with a domestic terrorist?

      I don’t know, Nor do you.

      What kind of man, will throw his sick cancer ridden grandmother under the bus by calling her a typical white woman, while she is in the process of fighting off a life taking illness?

      I don’t know, I’ve never met anyone that cold blooded, and frankly nor have you. For the most part, anyone who has, and doesn’t, I think they are a John J Haley and they should stop clicking this site.

      What Kind of man, attends a church, with the intention of creating a closer communion with God in Gods house, and never notices that the guy who re-introduced him to Christianity, baptized his ki/ds, and married him to his wife, never notices that his preacher speaks more often about the damnation of America, than the grandeur of Gods love?  FOR 20 FUCKING YEARS!?  What kinda man, is that stupid?

       I don’t know, nor do you.

       What kind of man, engages in one sided discussions with a palestinian terrorist spokesman, without ever thinking “Hey! You are palestinian? you are a terrorist?  Maybe we shouldn’t be friends.”  But no, that didn’t happen, the LA times tells us, what kinda man would do that?

      I don’t know, nor do you.


      We succeeded in electing a man we know NOTHING about.  Everything we know about him is from his own words, he is an enigma, and . . . I hope not, but maybe, a Manchurian.   We elected an image, an empty image, there is nothing to him that we know.

      So no, I will not say that Obama is a “good man” and I think everyone who says he is, is a liar, trying to assuage their own sense of self righteousness.  I don’t know if he is a bad man, or a good man, in fact, I don’t know anything about him at all.

      Over the next four years, remember that obamatons, you elected . . . . nothing.

[something I read somewhere a few minutes ago:] Michael Crichton was a good man, Obama is a man, good for him.

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