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About “The News” and “Bloggers.”

Posted by Wickedpinto on June 1, 2009

something that I’ve noticed about the news and blogs.

First, “The News” doesn’t give one damn about reporting, that’s obvious.  They are monday AM guys bitching around the water cooler, and telling stories about stupid stuff, and that is fine, but when it comes time to “inform the people,” later that day, just as you are puting on your moccasins and walking out the door, cuz HEY there’s a yankees game on or some crap (btw, I hate yankee’s fans who are not from NY) they almost act as though they are put upon by their audience for having to do their EFFING JOB!

You see Marines bitching as they charge a hill?  JUST BECAUSE IT IS THEIR EFFING JOB!?!?!    Oh all mil bitches, as a friend said “the military bill of rights makes it clear, our first right is to complain, our second right is to hate our duty station wishing for the last or the next, It’s in the book.”

But They DIE!  Reports tend to be rich, so you ain’t gonna find apologies from me about their actions.

Even on the sunday shows, which for some reason I watched today, the great reporters of the age phoned it in like they were 9-5er’s who’s job stopped at 5pm on friday.

Not one significant point was made about various political movements by the whitehouse (like the “no wiggers” thing and the extension of executive authority stuff) were expressed, and NONE of the historical analysis of sotomayor’s statements were addressed, it was all about how the right wing, rush and others, were “Using” her words against her.

SHE SAID THE GODDAMN WORDS!  Of course that is reasonable ammo.

Now, for Bloggers, I’m really not one, I’m a guy who spouts off every once in a while, but the serious ones, the serious bloggers, they don’t care if it’s 9 in the morning as they are getting coffee at the shop or 3AM at night as they are laying down to sleep.

The BLOGGERS, live in a 24/7 world, and they care about the issues and policies in the nation, the BLOGGERS! don’t give a DAMN! if they are late for a train because they have something to say and they EFFING SAY IT!

The press is filled with click clock, tick tock, ricky ticky BS nobodies acting superiour but only collecting a check.

The Bloggers actually care.

Update: ranom thing, about “using words” against someone.    That is like me running for a public against John J Haley, and him saying “well he called me an Effing piece of Effing Crap”   and then me deying those words.

Or me and Fonda oposing eachother in a debate and her saying I called her the C word.”

YOU BET YOUR ASS I DID, and they deserve it.  Words have meaning, especially when they are your words to a large group.

John? you are a piece of Effing Crap!

Jane? you are a C word

I know what my words mean, and I don’t take them back, why is it that libs are allowed to take crap back?  Reagen wasn’t allowed to, and in fact never wanted to.

He spoke as he did because that is what he believed.

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