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White man packing…

Posted by mesablue on August 20, 2009

Especially if you watch the main stream media who made it seem that a white person showed up at an Obama rally with an assault rifle in tow. And then talked about white hate groups who may want to “hurt” Obama.

Oh. My. Goodness.


Video number one…

Ah, hmm..

Not even trying.


C’mon, it’s like eight year olds are trying to feed this stuff to us.

I thought it would take a little longer before this administration buried itself. I thought — two years.

I was way off.


3 Responses to “White man packing…”

  1. Douglas said

    It’s not a disgrace, it’s Pravda.

  2. Glorfindel said

    This is quite surprising. In the UK this sort of media representation would be investigated.

  3. John said

    Thanks, very interesting note.

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