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God loves a Marine

Posted by mesablue on August 23, 2009

I don’t know about the other guy…the congress critter.

It’s just amazes me that the left can be this out of touch.

This is in Washington, folks.

15 Responses to “God loves a Marine”

  1. Douglas said

    Always Are, and Always have been the best of us.

    My favorite part is how he knows his rep isn’t gonna answer his question so he just turns his back and walks away.

    Though the smooch at the end is a little grattuitous.

  2. Douglas said

    guess people don’t respect REAL moral strenghth.

    Marines know, I know, that it takes a LOT of balls to turn away from someone in power.

    But WE have that built into us.

    Peope don’t rush to serve men like the kennedies, or even the bushes.

    But a no-named man, who REALLY servers?

    I’ve known many of them, and I served under them, and I so totaly wanted to go to war in their service.

    But there are NUMEROUS no-named men who are hero’s, but they lived, and they served and they are remembered by those who are lesser then they, like my pissant peacetime service.

    so far 3 days for kennedy? EVERY mention includes his service? BULLSHIT! he saw it as a toss off.

    REAL Service is being a part of something.

    My Brother HATES how toroughly I was attached to the Marines, I still am 10 years later. If you weren’t you don’t know if you were, then you can understand.


    Teddy wasn’t about service, he was about control.
    That’s who he was, he USED the death of his brother in service, the death of his brother in control, and the death of his brother SEEKING power, to say that he was sepcial.

    He wasn’t. He USED his brothers, he ABUSED his brothers to gain power. Classic kennedy.

    Power is progress.

    Those years when I was powerful? I served my mom, my dad, my brother, I served you, to the last, even those fools who hated me, I served OPTION! and I don’t regret one moment of it. I only regret leaving that position.

  3. Douglas said

    I served you.

  4. geoff said

    Came by on a whim, and was stunned to see green shoots popping up in this formerly sere land. Cool.

  5. Douglas the guy who used to be WP said


    I served in peace, and I never should have been so stupid as to leave, but I left.

    All of the reasons I left are gone, (money was never one of them, I’m a particular kinda guy) they left me. It was a sysyphusian situation, and I thought that if I made the right choice I could have everything. Instead, I made a choice and I lost everything.

    I admit freely, and Mesa can testify to real life truth, I was a peace Marine, I never had to actually do anything. I don’t think that makes me weak. I think it’s that now that I’m a civvie, I have noone who can give me orders.

    I think I’m fundamentaly violent, that’s why I’m commonly kind. (story will follow)

    I was never given an open fire command while in. I was trained for it, (I was a true believer I trained constantly, about 3 months out of the year, even though I soldered shit as my most common MOS responsibilities.) But I was the charged round. Everyone knew it. I’m relatively small (only about 190lb’s) in my crew, and I’m tall enough to make me look skinny, but my friends and my bosses knew that I was someone that you can count on no matter what. It’s why the awards, even in peace time.

    Bar fights? I was always the victim, but I was the one pulled away. Not cuz I was good, but because I wouldn’t stop, and the police would sometimes thank my friends for keeping me from going to jail, “noone wants to arrest a Marine.”

    I was at home there, I loved the Marines, LOVED IT! you think you love your woman? I disagree, BOTH members of a marriage can break a marriage, but when it comes to the Corps, only 1 person is responsible, it’s ALWAYS Your fault, and it was my fault.

    Not just the superficial stuff, I was beautiful while in, and for a few years later. I can grab scum and toss them into a bin without thinking, and did the anecdotal equivalent, I could take an assbeating, and find it funny before I turn it on those who thought they were winning only to deliver an assbeating of my own, and I did that, more than once.

    I was trystan, I thought I was lancelot, but I thought I was trystan.

    I had other things I cared about in addition to the Corps, that’s fine as long as those other things know that you are Corps. None of MY other things understood that, and I thought that those other things would be with me forever.

    Well They aren’t anymore, and the one thing that I truly truly truly loved, is gone from me.

    Here’s the funny part of this comment, that’s the prelude.

    The other day, one of my neighbors “guests” pulled a gun on another one of my neighbors.

    I live with my mother, I’m not ashamed of it, other than facts I won’t explain.

    This guy pulled a gun on another neighbor, I wanted to leave the apartment, and “fix” the situation.

    But mom embargoed me, correctly, I would say.

    Mom and a few other neighbors called the cops and arrived in time, thanks to the “freakish” actions (his word) that withdrew the weapon from the antagonist, and mom and neighbor were glad I wasn’t there.

    I am a bitch in normal life as a civvie.

    But if I were there, I would have done one of two things, and I admit I don’t know which one it would have been.

    I would have hesitated, and raised my hands and been a victim, or I would have reverted to my training, and I would have killed everyone involved.

    I hate myself, not for being embargoed, I hate myself, for wondering.

    10 years ago, I would have protected innocents, and killed evil doers.

    I don’t even have the pleasure of my own experience anymore, 10 years ago (actually about 8) I know good and goddamn well what I would have done, but now? I need permission to turn it on.

    saturday I wish I was the man I was back then. there would be dead people, but the situation would have been settled, and damn the charges.

  6. Douglas the guy who used to be WP said

    I don’t think anyone really know what it is to be all corps.

    T left me, the hostages left me, my brother left me, my father left me (not completely) everyone didn’t walk away but they let me fade. I’ve NEVER broken up with a girlfriend, they have always broken up with me.

    I’ve Never walked away from anything or anyone, except The Corps, and it was the MOST STUPID DECISION OF MY LIFE!!!

  7. Douglas the guy who used to be WP said

    I thought I was lancelot

    though I ACTED as lancelot. sorry for the slip.

  8. Douglas the guy who used to be WP said


    If I can find my coworker, who I hated, he can tell you. I refused to drive home on the morning of 9/11, because “If something happens, they might be able to use people like us.” (I worked about 2 blocks from the sears tower.)

    So we sat on the trunk of my car, and looked at the sky out of the parking tower, waiting for when we had to run to help.

    Once we accepted that it was over, we drank.

    A LOT! I had a bottle of scotch in my trunk he had a bottle of some fru fru mix in his, and we drank like fish.

    I lived 20 miles away, I he lived 2, so I don’t know the method.

    That was my first and second “panic attack.”

    I pulled over HATING! HATING myself in the baren wasteland that was the chicago highways, I wasn’t serving traffic, I was having Suicide Fantasies, and stuff because I hated myself for not being in the Corps anymore.

    I don’t know about you who never served even in civilian services like the PD or the FD, but That whole “defend” stuff, especially for the Corps is VERY HEAVY and VERY REAL!!!

    I thought “I should have stayed in, I could have done something.” Completely untrue, but while I was in, it was my JOB to do something, and at the time I could do nothing.

    It’s like being limp even after your wife or girlfriend dresses up as leia from RotJ.

    There is nothing you can do, but you try anyways.

    I frankly don’t remember 9/11 well, the whole booze think, I drank about a case of beer and more than a 1/5th of liquor (glenn livet 12) puked a couple times, cried a whole lot more, passed out, and woke up with nightmares consisting of me crying and drinking more booze and puking a time or two, to check the estimated deathtoll on the net, and then to wrap myself up like a taco and shake even though I was sweating like a pig, but I needed a hug, that was replaced by the heat of lots of blankets.

    I suffered all of that, because in my stupidity, I left the Corps.

    I suffer from being discarded by the love of my life, my friends, and from the distancing of various others, but NOTHING, NOTHING hit me as hard as when I left the Corps, especially when you consider the punctuation of 9/11, the first ground assaults in Afghanistan, or the first march in Iraq, and with every death, I think to myself, “That should have been me, She should have hugged his kid, _I_ SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE ONE!!!!”

    Unless you were Corps, and unless you are a True Believer, you don’t know.

    god praise these guys, and I’m SO EFFING SORRY that it wasn’t me.

  9. Douglas the guy who used to be WP said

    I wish you had your boy, yoru girl, your husband, wife, girlfriend,boyfriend, mother, father back. I have nothing and it should have been me. GODDAMN IT! I even BUILT MY LIFE around becoming a ghost, so they wouldn’t suffer. I Intended, (no shit) at a very young age, to die at a young age.

    I’m sorry, It should have been me, but I didn’t have the balls.

  10. Douglas said

    For those who took more out of my self hating tirade from last night as more than it was.

    I don’t feel that way, that was a momentary expression of various things, some of which I regret (actually most)

    It was just a momentary release of some of the things I feel that were necessary at that moment for me to continue.

    It’s like writing in a journal/diary.

    I needed to get it out.

  11. Adam Smith said

    That was great.

    Good to see some truth slap the slimy pol in the face.

  12. shithead said

    my brothers,we should gather and hold in faith, and shall never surrender in arms, and battle till death before our dishonor
    till we shall never breathe and battle no more, sempre fi.

  13. shithead said

    god is our glue and great, my sons of christ, sempre fi.

  14. Honesty and courage. Rare commodities in our ‘current’ society…

    Nathan R. Jessup

  15. This is an amazing Video! Our Military need our support not told they are lost a war or are losing a war. This Administration should concentrate on the economy not forced HealthCare.

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