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I never updated this a while back

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 13, 2010

John J Haley was convicted in 2007, of involuntary manslaughter, and got sentenced to 10 years.

I wonder how many times the jurors uttered the phrase “John J. Haley is a piece of fucking shit.”

Apparently at the trial, it came to light that he shoved another elderly fisherman into the lake a month before he killed Du Doan.  The other victim of “Johnny’s” prank survived and testified at the trial, giving supporting evidence for John J Haley’s piece of fucking shittedness.

He was sentenced on November 4th 2007, but I don’t remember catching any of that info on the local news or in the local papers, and the linked post didn’t come up until December 11 2009, so that’s part of why I didn’t follow up on the original post.  Apparently other than 3 local bloggers, like this interesting chick at Bonnies Blog of Crime Nobody gave a damn.

Question.  10 years sentence, what does that come out to in real years?  Assuming he’s able to keep his head and temper and not screw up while in prison?

Update: Forgot that some people might not be familiar with my highly substantive coverage of the situation when it first happened, added link to my first “John J. Haley” post.


8 Responses to “I never updated this a while back”

  1. This post — I wholly endorse it.

  2. My buddy read the post, and mentioned I should update it. I think the update gives it extra flavor, thanks to the editorial input of my friend of almost 30 years.

  3. I forgot about all the crazy comments on that thread.

  4. I miss Mullah Cimoc.

    That was some funny crap.

  5. Categories.


    If we’re going to start this back up — and, I really don’t care (I do, just not about the technicalities), let’s make it easily found by those who would disagree with you for the discussion possibility.

  6. Also == ALWAYS put the WordPress political bloggers alliance tag in your posts that have any political value — automatically links to the group that was started between us few left and right bloggers a few years ago.

    Thank you very much.

  7. Also, trackbacks.

    It’s been a while for me too. But, trackbacks are key. For attribution and traffic. Just polite.

    Thank you very much.

  8. I think I fixed the tags and categories (I try to remember the categories, forget the tags constantly) As for trackbacks, I don’t use them too much unless they are wordpress free blogs, I don’t know why, but I developed an aversion to them. Should I get over that aversion?

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