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Horse Races.

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 17, 2010

I won’t go into an anecdote, cuz everyone gets tired of my “when I was” crap, I will just start to explain my political attitude.

I’m not a republican.  I’m registered unaffiliated, I think it’s called where I live, however, some time ago, I realized I would not vote for a Dem, unless it’s a truly remarkable Dem.

I Voted for Bayh, the first year I could vote I believe, and I voted for lawson, and for a few others, but I thought that some were remarkable, and others were personally interesting (cuz I knew a couple back then)  I wouldn’t vote for any of those people again, but if I had a liebermann on the ballot, I might vote for him, cuz he can’t be any more squishy than the republicans that represent me in general.  I voted for lugar, and I regretted that, the man proved himself an idiot, more than once.

But the my point is, that the question in your mind, shouldn’t be “what party is this person.” but rather “WHO is this person?”

I have NEVER completed my voting ballot, EVER. Because I don’t vote if I don’t know what I’m voting for, that is not so with too many democrats (likely the majority) who just vote for “The Party,” and think they are doing good.  That is pathetic.  Look at poor alvin green, guy simply registered as a candidate, and caught the ire of the national democrat party, for winning an election in the exact same way that the national democrat party tells their “constituents” to vote.  They voted for the first person with a D next to their name.

Don’t learn about the candidate, don’t learn about the issues, don’t actually consider the nature of the election, just push “D” (I think automated party line voting options should be a violation of the VRA) And VOILLA! you have a freeze dried, no thought national and state government you don’t have to fuss about, until you lose your job, your kids, pay for your underage daughters abortion without ever knowing she is pregnant, and the defense of the guy who just tried to break into your house last week, but who’s case is on appeal.


It’s like the genius from gradeschool who said “the answer is always C” when you were too stupid to take a test.

The Democrats treat you as stupid, and you prove it.

by always pressing “D.”

It’s pathetic.


8 Responses to “Horse Races.”

  1. xbradtc said

    You think straight line voting is bad? Here in Irvine, most of the local offices are “non-partisan.” You don’t even know the general political outlook of most candidates.

    Worse, there are a ton of “down-ticket” small offices that you have NO IDEA who these people are. And guess what? It is these small local offices for things like the water commission, and the school board that have the most direct impact on your life. It is almost impossible to learn about these candidates.

  2. beasn said

    But ‘D’ looks out for the little guy. Doesn’t matter if ‘one’ or ‘two’ are corrupt, they are all corrupt, republicans worse so, it just boils down to who cares more for my struggle. And the fact it isn’t right some people have too friggin much money. They need to pay their fair share :smirk:

    /beasn parental unit

  3. In that case, brad, isn’t it more of a systemic issue?

    Leaving the answer blank might leave the rolls available to prove that noone knows what the hell they are voting for, and get people to say to themselves, “if this crap is important enough to need my vote, then why isn’t it important enough to learn about?”

    I try to keep up, and you are right it’s hard with all of the down the ticket stuff, and I don’t come close to satisfying my responsibility, but I think it’s more important to abstain when I don’t know what the hell it is I’m putting my name to, than to contribute, in ignorance, to harming my environment.

  4. PanAm said

    Hey, Wicket…, just “happened by”.,
    Your post reminds me of years ago when as a kid I would hear that the most important thing is not whom you vote for but “to vote”… Even then I used to thing that what ought to be most important was to vote intelligently for a person or an issue, and if one were not knowledgeable about a candidate or issue, they ought to gain knowledge, or, not vote…
    Obviously, if one is not aware of the issues and ramifications of one’s vote, it is much easier to succumb to demagoguery…
    Thank you for the post.

  5. thanks PanAm. Trying to get back into the groove.

  6. I was kinda lucky panam.

    I think I was 9 when “Brewesters Millions” came out.

    Remarkable how a silly throw away comedy can change a persons philosophy.

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