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Miscellanious argument with a friend

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 17, 2010

They used the term “per se.” in an e-mail I received last week.

I responded (being a smart ass) “Per se?  I don’t think that’s english.”

It’s a stupid joke, but this is how it played out.

“I wish you would stop going out of your way grading my correspondence like you are a grade school grammar teacher, and talking down to me goddamnit.  Sometimes I think you go out of your way to make me feel stupid.”

or something like that.

I was startled at the hostility, and the argument went on, I think it’s resolved now, but you never know.

However, let me offer this example.  If it had been Mesa to whom I said this (not likely, he’s not much for terms like that but others are, and most of the others would react the same I figure.)

Mesa :  BLAH BLAH BLAH Per se.

Me: Per Se?  I don’t think that’s english.

Mesa:  Cuz It’s not dipshit.

Me:  OH. That makes sense then.


I’m really startled that this friend that has known me for so long reacted as they did, because most everyone else would have reacted as I depicted in the fresh off the presses wickedpinto theater excerpt.


5 Responses to “Miscellanious argument with a friend”

  1. Wow. They coulda just smacked you with a spelling book so you could look up miscellaneous. Which sound Greek-ish. Or

    Glad you’re back!


  2. I know Joan, I’m like the demonstration of bad grammar and spelling, but I think they were just looking for a fight with someone who wouldn’t hold it against them.

  3. and thanks for the welcome back. I’m not all the way back, and truth be told, I don’t want to come ALL the way back to wicked.

    Wicked is a dick. I’d rather the moderation of Douglas.

  4. This is mostly true.

  5. Mesa means he would have called me something other than dipshit, I think.

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