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This Is Actually Kinda Funny if You Know what NKOTB is.

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 19, 2010

I never liked doing celebrity blogarazzi stuff here, cuz I prefer to keep AMA somewhat pure for politics, philosophy and inane humor with a little bit of current events and local news, with a touch of moronophilia.

But this post I just saw at “Seriously OMG WTF” cracked me up, because EVERY EFFING GIRL I dated in highschool trained me well in the nature of the New Kids On The Block.

They were a Phenomenon!  A MAJOR Phenomenon, like a Billion effing Dollars, built on the backs of 5 brooklyn Boston (I knew that)kids.

For those of you not in the know, The New Kids on the Block was a FRIGGEN PHENOMENON!

They had The Right stuff.

They had the Love of every young girl who was just growing their boobies, and all us guys had to find some niche to fill in accordance with the lay out of their boy band paradigmn.

I was a Joey, though I really rated a Donny,  I got so screwed.

I got into more fights than joey ever watched on television, I was A FUCKING DONNY!  But I didn’t get into my height until I was almost 16, went from about 5’2 to about 6′ in about 18 months.


I’m a FUCKING DONNY!  and the Jordan and Johnies used to get my lunch for me and pay for it.

NOT COOL!  Sometimes I hate being the smart sexy tough guy kid.

UPDATE:  I hate to admit it, but that’s actually a pretty good song.

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Alvin Greene’s campaign site

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 19, 2010


I honestly feel bad for this guy, but he’s willing to push the buttons, and stretch the effort, then everything from now on is on his own head.

I’m surprised at what a terrible speaker he is, even the worst, and most idiotic Marine I knew while I was In, knew how to deliver a “class,” in at least a reasonable fashion (myself, I was masterful at it, I would say that my “classes” and my “boards” were how I got all of my Merits, but there can only be so many as wonderous and charismatic as me.)  And though alvin was a washout from 3 services, you feel the the meter and form of classes, and you kinda take them into you.  (not me, I had my own schtick, but that’s because I’m an arrogant knowitall fuck)

I still feel bad for this guy, but he seems immune to real criticism and is more than happy to accept fake praise.  I really do hope he is able to find some way to monetize this sideshow, so that he can fund his next election effort.

If you watch the vid of his speech (that I found at weasel zippers) he seems to be in on it, and there seems to be someone who is helping him out, but I couldn’t miss the part about “Some guy having a judgment delayed, when a pretrial exception” or something like that is referenced twice.

HE’S That some guy, cuz of his charges for being a pervert.

This is one of the most uncharismatic unintelligent, uninformed people that I have ever heard speak, and I know a lot of stupid people, this guy really takes the cake, but He’s EFFING FASCINATING!!!!

I almost want him to be funded, just so that the sideshow can go on.

“but wicked?  He’s Out of Money?”


Don’t argue with me.

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