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Cedra Crenshaw (Bumped, She won Court case it looks)

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 21, 2010

Dana Loesh covered this a few days ago, and whoever uploaded this audio needs to fix the playback, I keep hearing a cartoon character unfortunately.

Cedra Crenshaw is a melanin enriched republican who has been hammered by the Chicago machine (yes, if you haven’t been to chicago for dinner, or are a liberal, you might not know that chicago is a BRUTAL political machine that would make tammeny cry) and literally had her nomination revoked, COUNTER to precedent.  Why?

Apparently for the same reason that people had a right to Jack Ryan’s divorce decree’s, but not to Obama’s college transcripts.

You know?  Causes harm to the children of the Marriage?  Unimportant, give the info to the tribune.

Demand transparency to qualify claims made by a grifter (obama?)  No, that makes you a birther.

Grifter in chief has only won ONE election, and that is for president.  _I_ could run against allen keyes and win.

These people have NO EFFING SHAME!

Update: Dan Riehl says Cedra won the case and is on the Ballot, ruling came down, and only reference is her capaign site apparently, no cite to a news link yet.


2 Responses to “Cedra Crenshaw (Bumped, She won Court case it looks)”

  1. The way I see it, it mainly depends upon how lucky you are as well as who’s behind you. Obama was luckier. That’s all.

  2. Patronage politics is bad, no matter who’s doing it. Chicago has too many cutouts that allow the party to manipulate campaigns without allowing direct votes. Gets me mad sometimes.

    Also I’m way behind on this, I just wanted to get some new content up, since mesa got ahold of me last week.

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