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My Advice on How to Act When pulled over.

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 21, 2010

My first recommendation, be polite and comply with the police.  Generally these are just normal guys who are doing a job, and too much of their job has to do with dealing with verifiable scumbags so that the environment is more safe and comfortable for you.

Second,  Don’t call them punk bitches, I’m not a cop, I’m not much of anything, but even I find that being called a punk bitch can hurt my feelings, that is not polite, hurting peoples feelings is not polite, especially if they have a gun.  I have noticed, that the more heavily armed someone is, the more polite I am to them.

Third, If you are a nationally known figure for your excellent performances on the various episodes of L&O SVU, don’t make a traffic stop a national story if you don’t want a national story.

Finaly, If you have ever written a song titled “Fuck the Police” or “Copkiller,” you REALLY shouldn’t be talking shit to police officers, EVER.


Ice-T got arrested, and the accounts (all from Ice-T) sound honest, though aggressive.  The Cop didn’t like the idea the cop was standing too close to slow moving traffic, and got brushed by the wing mirror.

I kinda believe it, it happens, and the cop might have overreacted, having recognized a famous persona who casually blows of cops, thinking he was being directly offended by the idea that he was a little person and he was Ice-T and “Don’t You Know Who I am?” syndrome.

That is all conjecture.  All of the following info, seems lame, no seat belt, out of state liscense (Ice-T lives in California, and works in NY) So the cop probably immediately thought he was being “Dissed” by Ice-T, and wanted to flex his authoritay.  That is less about the ego of cops, and the fact that the laws are too restrictive and isolated in my opinion.

Ice-T should be VERY Polite, to EVERY Cop.  Lupo stops Ice-T on the road?  Be Nice.  Eames stops Ice-T on the road?  Be Nice, Walker Texas Ranger stops Ice-T on the road?  Be Nice.

This is why Ice-T needs to be nice to every cop in the US.

For reference (NSFW)

[Update: BTW, Tough guy cop killer Ice-T was suffering so much oppression, he turned to Twitter?  Really?  Twitter Ice-T?]


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