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Posted by Wickedpinto on July 21, 2010

Not the White Man’s Bitch” rejected as legal campaign slogan for Ieshuh Griffin, a candidate for Milwaukee Assembly.

“independents are allowed a five-word statement of purpose on the ballot to explain to voters what their candidacy is about.”

That line is the source of the kerfuffle.  Since, independents are, well, independent, they are allowed to include a mission statement on their ballots.

Majority of the article is about inside baseball stuff, that noone not from milwaukee will care about, but I really want this woman to win.  I can’t wait till she becomes a youtube sensation.

“Don’t talk at me whiteman, I ain’t your bitch.”  While debating the merit of a street named after her.

Maybe, “Maybe your White Bitch will put up with your patronizing tone, but I won’t!”

“I called you ma’am.”

“OH!, What’s next, jemimah?”

It could be brilliant.

Found at weaselzippers

She came to prominence, it appears, by being a spokesperson for her sister “April.” and it looks like a soap opera, and in the interview on blogtalk radio with crazy woman “Queen Ifama” (the content as applies to ieshuh starts at 10 minutes.) she remarkably comes off as the level head, even though she is clearly quite dumb. Also, mind, that “the level head” aside from likely being a racist term if she reads this, “Level Head” is relative to the degree of crazy that surrounds you.  Example.  Crispin Glover, Danny Glover, Joy Behar, Mel Gibson (who has an erection) and me are in a room.  I come off pretty damn good.

This is a comment she put up early on in the situation with her sister.

The reason April is in Jail, is because of Parental interference, and contempt.

Most of it is just background of how she got active, but the audio interview is fascinating.  There are a bunch of angry chicks, one of whom got bitched by a black man.

This woman is crazy, maybe not as crazy as queen ilfa, but pretty effing insane.

[edits:  Mispelled her name several times, and had to fix some links.]


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