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Rich Guy I Never Heard of pulls a “Dick Move.”

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 22, 2010

Hollywood Grindhouse had it.

There’s this guy named “Drake” who apparently is popular in some circles.  He’s performing, invites a girl up on stage.   Most of the time I think that this little game is kinda lame, but it makes for good theater if you have a lot of female fans, cuz then every one of your female fans believes that maybe, just maybe, if they make it to all of your performances, they can get a kiss from a guy that they have way to much interest in.

In the video, you will see after he pulls back from the obviously orchestrated, I would say insult, but it could just be a tease, he points her back to the audience.

I don’t think the fake out is a big deal, if you expand the theater to turn the girl into a piece of set design for the rest of the performance, like the stereotypical “serenade” gimmick performers use all the time.  However, this guy brings her up, asks her song, plays the girl up, and teases her out, and then casts her off.

It looks like she is escorted off the stage crying.

I might be wrong about it being a “Dick Move.”  But as I see it, at the moment, I see “Dick Move.”

Update:  The most recent comment at Youtube is “R. Kelly would have pissed on her.”


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