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Political Media Mash

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 23, 2010

These are newsbusters links (some good stuff moving today.)

First, is another mashup involving the Daily Caller link I already put into the last post, referencing an older story by TV NEWSER about Olbermann’s producers and other staff likely abandoning him, and in fact abandoning him.

Apparently Olbermann is so insufferable a jackass, that his employee’s needed a more mundane environment where they can concentrate on a more focused and journalist friendly environment.   Who better to represent the denial of vitriol, hatred, arrogance and partisanship than to rebuild your reputation by going to work with He of the Throbbing Neck Vein Lawrence O’Donnel. (sorry can’t find a link to him acting VERY physically intimidating towards Cathy Seipp during a Dennis Miller “roundtable.” )

I used to have a joke about people who would go off the rails (like I have been known to do on occasion, but I don’t have a 6 figure salary) on national television.  “It appears they are graduates of the Lawrence O’Donnel School of Debate.”

The man is grotesque.

The other NB link is to the DC Bureau Chief for MSNBC describing Sharon Angle as,

MSNBC’s DC bureau chief sniffed that people like her “are running to be part of a government they don’t believe in.”

My question, If It’s WRONG for Angle and “people like her,” of course “people like her” is only bigotry when you are talking about the good ones, the bad ones, are “those people.” see?  It makes a difference or something.

But if it’s wrong for Sharon Angle to want to be part of ,”a government they don’t believe in,” then isn’t it only reasonable that she and people like her are working towards joining the government in the HOPE of CHANGING the way in which we are currently governed?

I know, it’s a stretch, but under a democratic agenda, The Government is monolithic and unchangeable, under a ‘Pub, it’s corrupt and due for “progress” and “Change,”  see the genius logic of this guy who makes too much money just cuz he has connections to other idealogues?

Nor do I.

I hope I got Sharon Angles campaign site right, since reid and his state party conspirators have been dirty pooling the snot out of her for the last few weeks.


That’s all.  (really wish I could find video of Larry, he who is more temperate than Keith Olbermann showing his calm attitude towards sharing facts, but here is a good place to start.)

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