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Probability Medium

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 23, 2010

Pretty interesting, and a couple of times funny, like the rosey o’donnel bit at about 4 minutes.  Found at Newsbusters.

Long standing denial, and liberal posturing, yeahp.  Made me think of the the Daily Caller piece about olbermann, there is a line that caught my attention.

“Blogger Lindsay Beyerstein said maybe the time was now to take down Olbermann. “When we liberals were fighting for political survival after 9/11,””

How would a bunch of mad men destroying one of the most notable landmarks in the United States in the name of Islam put Americans, of any persuasion, on the defensive?  Though it’s good to know that Lindsay Beyerstein, and those who apparently agree with her believe that political considerations are more important than the very real, tactile, and dare I say SIR!!! terrestrial reality of terrorist violence against civilians and civilization?

Cynical punks.


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