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Harry Potter Fan Stabs Another Guy In the Face.

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 25, 2010

Must be a reader of the Hostages.

My guess on the actual confrontation.  “I’m sorry, but it was effing WEAK! that Harry didn’t kill Voldemort, and that he just died, btw what is the obsession with the scar?  Especially considering 1/2 of the order of the phoenix got killed by the deatheaters, and now Harry is standing on platform 9 and 3/4’s nodding at Malfois?  WTF is that stuff.”

Other guy, “You dissing harry potter? stab yourself in the face!”

“umm, no.”

“Then I will.”

Enter stage right, police, with cuffs.

4 Responses to “Harry Potter Fan Stabs Another Guy In the Face.”

  1. I think I saw those two the other day.

  2. Saw an update, it was actually two friends arguing over a casting situation, and one friend punched the other friend, while holding a pen.

    It wasn’t an actual stabbing.

  3. the “stabbing” was an accidental situation brought about by the fact that geek one had a pen, and happened to be holding it, while punching his friend, causing a “scratch” over the others eye.

    It wasn’t an actual stabbing, but that is how it was initially reported.

    It was just a friendly conflict, no charges, and no bail, last I read.

    Random thing, I’m such a dork for keeping up on this.

  4. I have spent very little time with Mesa in real life, but he has left me borderline crippled for several seconds, while we were talking about offensive defense.

    I thought it was hilarious, Mesa felt bad, but I really did laugh pretty much every time he bitched me.

    Because we were talking about the nature of defense, and I was explaining that I was a wrestler, and my apartment is small, and Mesa literally reached out, and just as I was throwing up my hands to defend myself, put me on the ground.

    (Mesa was an officer, I was enlisted, I was wrestler, and hapkido (which is basically wresling) Mesa is trained more thoroughly cuz he was trained as an officer, different goals, and he Bitched me, not just once, but twice. Each time, I laughed, cuz he did it so well.

    The front neck pralysis? I would say it took mesa a quartar of a second.

    He told me to come at him, of course I didn’t do so full force, but he tossed me away so fast, and grabbed my kneck, and I Crumpled.

    I laughed the whole time, because he was good at it.
    wouldn’t eff with mesa.

    I wouldn’t eff with me, cuz I have that whole crazy thing, but I also wouldn’t eff with mesa cus he has that whole “good” thing.

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