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And Gale Sayers was a Malingerer

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 27, 2010

Just stupid.

Lou Gherig was a whiny bitch, and Walter Peyton couldn’t stop drawing attention to himself.

Dorsett was self serving and Ted Williams only cared about money.

Lincoln Chafee, is Definitely retarded.

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Sorry Pedophiles

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 27, 2010

Your victim needs their fathers permission.

Oh! That’s not uncommon?  Or at least common enough that it can be publicly broadcast?


This is part of why I have serious issues with Islam, anyone who thinks I’m being judgmental can take a set of genitals that they posses, and shove those said same up their ass.

“But that is just a small group of extremists.”

Like your founder?

Go Fuck yourselves.  I wish I would go full bore eddiebear on this one.

But I can’t, that man is a poet.

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I’m a Comic Geek

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 27, 2010

Or at least, at one time I was.  I have about 10K comics, a few second printings, but the majority are firsts, and one of the portions of my collection that I’m most proud of is all of the “Tales of Suspense” that I collected.

There were 99 of them, and I think I have more than 50 of them.

Tales of Suspense was the home of Doctor Strange, and the recreation of Captain America, (and I have cappy from 101 to about 330 something or other.  I have that great purge, that occured between Cappy 311 and 319)

Doctor Strange was an interesting series, big on philosophy and mythology, but really, the guy spent almost all of his time in the full lotus and astrally projecting himself.

It makes me think of the Katherine Kurtz Series, titled “The Adept” It is very much like Doctor Strange.  Nothing that Actually happens is anything of value, other than the impressions of the “adepts.”  which is very much like “Knight of the Word.” Series, which I think is FANTASTIC!

I think that Doctor Strange was a fantastic philosophical character, but I don’t know how it can be turned into a movie.  Doc Strange, really didn’t do jack, he just sat down and dreamed.  Maybe with the success of Inception, producers think that broad concept dream movies have a broader attraction, which is exactly what doc strange was.  It was about internal conflict, and misunderstanding of power, and doc played psychiatrist.

But It looks like Doc Strange is gonna get a movie.

I don’t know how that’s gonna fly, seeing as how, most comic geeks 5 years younger than I am are like “Doc who?”  (totaly different series.)

I think doc strange is a very interesting character, but as a Movie?  No.  Sell him to syfy and make a mini-series and see if it can sell.

Hell, Doc’s background is so old, that you might be better off optioning Kurtz.  Or even “Support Your Local Wizard.” and other series.

Doc strange is the WORST comic book icon I followed, with the WORST background, and no real origin that is worth watching.

BTW, I’m a Comic Geek.  When I saved up enough back in ’89 to buy Not just the complete Dark Phoenix Saga (at a steel, less than 100 bucks) and The Punisher Miniseries (only 30 bucks, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!) but then had to pour out 95 bucks for X-men 104 and 105 (the death of jean grey) I was a proud comic book savant.

I even took part in an auction for hulk 181, started at 200 bucks, I stopped immediately.

So, as a comic book geek.

No, Doctor strange is NOT a movie, MAYBE something like “Kolchak: Nightstalker.” or something like that, cuz Doc was a poorly defined character.

[inclusion] I also purchased, What I THINK is the complete herby series.  A friend of the family was a fan, and at the convention I looked at them, and found it interesting, and was able to buy the first 16 for 200 bucks.  I thought it was expensive, but later, I learned that that too was a steal.

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