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And Gale Sayers was a Malingerer

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 27, 2010

Just stupid.

Lou Gherig was a whiny bitch, and Walter Peyton couldn’t stop drawing attention to himself.

Dorsett was self serving and Ted Williams only cared about money.

Lincoln Chafee, is Definitely retarded.

3 Responses to “And Gale Sayers was a Malingerer”

  1. Not even gonna read that link — Gayle Sayers is a great guy.

    I know, worked with his company and him a bunch of times.

  2. It’s sarcasmn about lincoln chaffee talking crap about Clemens., IIRC haven’t clicked link. Wasn’t an attack on gayle, I’m from chicago. Gayle is the Peyton before there was a Peyton.

  3. and if anyone is clicking comments, I’m commenting so much because I’m doing an end of year round up.

    I’m gonna top ten us.

    Shouldn’t be that hard, but I’m only at 3 right now, so, apparently it is that hard.

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