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Advice For Levi

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 29, 2010

You know?  You can always try Pulling Out.

You disgusting worthless prick!

and what is it with chicks?

I remember, right after I got out of The Corps I had a (I think) Very good job for a young kid, at least in terms of starting pay, and I ran into a chick I had a crush on when I was in middle school.  In Highschool, my path had already been chosen, so I didn’t bother with her anymore, though she’s pretty hot.

We would ride the train into the city together, and one day she recognized me, and started to make a habit of sitting next to me, cuz we could talk about old times and catch up.  I was just out of The Corps, so I was in max sexy, not to mention I had a pretty good job, and still had dreams before I allowed my soul to be shattered, but that’s besides the point.   She was clearly trying to get me to hit on her, and she asked about a few situations from when we were kids, and I responded honestly (I’m bad at lying.) saying something like “Cuz I had a crush on you, remember the fight I got into with jaime?” “He was a jerk, he treated me bad.” “You were 13, couldn’t have treated you that bad.” “well, you always could have asked me out.” “You were NEVER without a boyfriend, and all of your boyfriends were jerks, I didn’t want to join that club.”

Some chicks simply can’t handle being alone and finding a value in themselves.  Of course there are guys like that too, but it’s more common in women than in men, and then those chicks who always end up with jerks, treat the nice guys like they are jerks for calling a jerk a jerk.

Bristol, if this is the character she choses because she can’t be alone, or is affraid to be alone because she’s a young single mother and doesn’t think anyone would want her because she has a kid then I have some advice for bristol.

Don’t accept child support, and don’t agree to custody, and send this piece of shit to be the unreliable Designated Driver for John J. Haley while she learns how to associate with individuals who know how to not be a piece of fucking shit.

[update:] I don’t know how to put a poll on here.  but I would like one asking if I should refer to Johnson as I refer to John J. Haley?

I hate scumbags.  I’m a jerk, in a moment, but the level of piece of shittedness these guys generate almost make me ashamed of my genitals, even though they are GLORIOUS!  Just ask all the dirty whores that have seen them.

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Never Faced a Croc

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 29, 2010

But I had a mature Iguana, and though Smack, the name of my iguana for what should be obvious reasons, was anti-social.  Not big into hugs and kisses was smack, more like “I totally want you to move your face closer to my tail so I can hit you with it.”  was his philosophy.

My experience with my “pet” iguana pretty much makes it clear to me, to NEVER EFF WITH CROCODILES, or any lizard not known for their huggy kissy personalities (IE. ALL OF THEM!) otherwise they will see if they can eat you, and in the case of croc’s that’s a very real possibility.

She said it was a risky situation.”

Ya THINK!  I’ve never seen a croc, but I’ve seen Steve Irwin, and I’m an entitled American who thinks he can get away with murder in any nation on the planet that isn’t the US, but Croc’s aren’t members of the Geneva Accords.

They sorta do as they please, and part of what pleases them is eating people.

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