Absolute Moral Authority

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Never Faced a Croc

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 29, 2010

But I had a mature Iguana, and though Smack, the name of my iguana for what should be obvious reasons, was anti-social.  Not big into hugs and kisses was smack, more like “I totally want you to move your face closer to my tail so I can hit you with it.”  was his philosophy.

My experience with my “pet” iguana pretty much makes it clear to me, to NEVER EFF WITH CROCODILES, or any lizard not known for their huggy kissy personalities (IE. ALL OF THEM!) otherwise they will see if they can eat you, and in the case of croc’s that’s a very real possibility.

She said it was a risky situation.”

Ya THINK!  I’ve never seen a croc, but I’ve seen Steve Irwin, and I’m an entitled American who thinks he can get away with murder in any nation on the planet that isn’t the US, but Croc’s aren’t members of the Geneva Accords.

They sorta do as they please, and part of what pleases them is eating people.


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