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Home is where the inevitable and oppressive debt is.

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 31, 2010

Even if I were so filthy rich, that I shit dollar coins I could never imagine buying a 30 million dollar house.

What is it with people with money that they think essentials need cost an extraordinary amount of money?

Bill Gates at least wanted his house to be an example of technology applied (minus the trampoline, that was kinda weird)  to every day function, but these rich people keep spending so much money on stuff that has next to no intrinsic value to justify it’s price.

Wanna know why you are bankrupt after making 50 million bucks? It’s because your retarded ass buys a half a million dollar house for 4 million bucks.

Unless the basement is filled with gold bricks, you got SCREWED!

JESUS CHRIST!  Not to mention, who’s gonna dust your shit, and vacuum the carpets?

The thing that really gets me, is most of these people (not phil) are single, and have no kids, but they have 30 bedroom and 15 bathroom estates.  Not that many people like you, and all of those people that “overnight” are called “BUMS” not friends, WTFing EFF?

I saw this nice little prefab modular, which totally turns me on.  It’s a 3 car garage, with a 2 bedroom apartment positioned on top of it.  40 grand.  I think that I will go with that when I decide to make money again.

If I were rich and famous, I think I would go with the 4 car garage, 3 bedroom setup on a larger piece of land in a gate community, because I’m not an EFFING RETARD!

Another difference between bill gates and all of these TV and Film celebrities pissing away money.


Chris tucker made a few entertaining movies, is supposedly functionally illiterate, and is now broke.  Bill gates is an EFFING BILLIONAIRE!  JESUS!

THIS is why normal people hate celebrities.  Just because you make pretty pictures with funny story lines doesn’t mean we love you.  It means you make pretty pictures with funny story lines.  Other than that we could give a damn!

Burn in hell idiots, and suffer the fall you set yourself up for.


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