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Probability Medium

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 23, 2010

Pretty interesting, and a couple of times funny, like the rosey o’donnel bit at about 4 minutes.  Found at Newsbusters.

Long standing denial, and liberal posturing, yeahp.  Made me think of the the Daily Caller piece about olbermann, there is a line that caught my attention.

“Blogger Lindsay Beyerstein said maybe the time was now to take down Olbermann. “When we liberals were fighting for political survival after 9/11,””

How would a bunch of mad men destroying one of the most notable landmarks in the United States in the name of Islam put Americans, of any persuasion, on the defensive?  Though it’s good to know that Lindsay Beyerstein, and those who apparently agree with her believe that political considerations are more important than the very real, tactile, and dare I say SIR!!! terrestrial reality of terrorist violence against civilians and civilization?

Cynical punks.


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Something that irritates me.

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 22, 2010

“Epistemic Closure” in terms of political GroupThink.

Stop overdoing crap guys.  It’s really just a bunch of unimaginative idiots, who think they are brilliant stroking eachothers junk to validated their own existing opinions.

I had a term for people who practiced this when I wasn’t around adults back when I was maybe 10 or 11 years old.

I called them “Cocksuckers.”

Get over the inside baseball bullshit that validates the goddamn education of people who dug up a pompous phrase to describe cocksuckery, only to join the ranks of cocksuckers.

Why not scream “Consensus Agree’s, so debate is closed.”

Oh!  That’s taken.

“Every economist agree’s”

“All the experts agree.”


Stop with the validation of cocksuckery, and just call them cocksuckers!!


(No links, cuz read “Epistemic Closure” too many times today for me to give a damn about anyone who used.  SHUT YOUR HOLES! and call cocksuckers cocksuckers, or some variation there-of)

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A Rich Guy Who Pulled the Opposite of a “Dick Move.”

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 22, 2010

Shaun rogers, another rich guy (by comparison) Pulled the Exact Opposite of a “Dick Move.”

It’s a short story, so just go to “With Leather.” and read.

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Rich Guy I Never Heard of pulls a “Dick Move.”

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 22, 2010

Hollywood Grindhouse had it.

There’s this guy named “Drake” who apparently is popular in some circles.  He’s performing, invites a girl up on stage.   Most of the time I think that this little game is kinda lame, but it makes for good theater if you have a lot of female fans, cuz then every one of your female fans believes that maybe, just maybe, if they make it to all of your performances, they can get a kiss from a guy that they have way to much interest in.

In the video, you will see after he pulls back from the obviously orchestrated, I would say insult, but it could just be a tease, he points her back to the audience.

I don’t think the fake out is a big deal, if you expand the theater to turn the girl into a piece of set design for the rest of the performance, like the stereotypical “serenade” gimmick performers use all the time.  However, this guy brings her up, asks her song, plays the girl up, and teases her out, and then casts her off.

It looks like she is escorted off the stage crying.

I might be wrong about it being a “Dick Move.”  But as I see it, at the moment, I see “Dick Move.”

Update:  The most recent comment at Youtube is “R. Kelly would have pissed on her.”

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“Buried” Movie Trailer

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 22, 2010

I never heard of it, Don’t know what it’s about, but it looks intense.

Has Ryan Reynolds in it, so I guess some of the ladies might be able to dig it.

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My Advice on How to Act When pulled over.

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 21, 2010

My first recommendation, be polite and comply with the police.  Generally these are just normal guys who are doing a job, and too much of their job has to do with dealing with verifiable scumbags so that the environment is more safe and comfortable for you.

Second,  Don’t call them punk bitches, I’m not a cop, I’m not much of anything, but even I find that being called a punk bitch can hurt my feelings, that is not polite, hurting peoples feelings is not polite, especially if they have a gun.  I have noticed, that the more heavily armed someone is, the more polite I am to them.

Third, If you are a nationally known figure for your excellent performances on the various episodes of L&O SVU, don’t make a traffic stop a national story if you don’t want a national story.

Finaly, If you have ever written a song titled “Fuck the Police” or “Copkiller,” you REALLY shouldn’t be talking shit to police officers, EVER.


Ice-T got arrested, and the accounts (all from Ice-T) sound honest, though aggressive.  The Cop didn’t like the idea the cop was standing too close to slow moving traffic, and got brushed by the wing mirror.

I kinda believe it, it happens, and the cop might have overreacted, having recognized a famous persona who casually blows of cops, thinking he was being directly offended by the idea that he was a little person and he was Ice-T and “Don’t You Know Who I am?” syndrome.

That is all conjecture.  All of the following info, seems lame, no seat belt, out of state liscense (Ice-T lives in California, and works in NY) So the cop probably immediately thought he was being “Dissed” by Ice-T, and wanted to flex his authoritay.  That is less about the ego of cops, and the fact that the laws are too restrictive and isolated in my opinion.

Ice-T should be VERY Polite, to EVERY Cop.  Lupo stops Ice-T on the road?  Be Nice.  Eames stops Ice-T on the road?  Be Nice, Walker Texas Ranger stops Ice-T on the road?  Be Nice.

This is why Ice-T needs to be nice to every cop in the US.

For reference (NSFW)

[Update: BTW, Tough guy cop killer Ice-T was suffering so much oppression, he turned to Twitter?  Really?  Twitter Ice-T?]

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Posted by Wickedpinto on July 21, 2010

Not the White Man’s Bitch” rejected as legal campaign slogan for Ieshuh Griffin, a candidate for Milwaukee Assembly.

“independents are allowed a five-word statement of purpose on the ballot to explain to voters what their candidacy is about.”

That line is the source of the kerfuffle.  Since, independents are, well, independent, they are allowed to include a mission statement on their ballots.

Majority of the article is about inside baseball stuff, that noone not from milwaukee will care about, but I really want this woman to win.  I can’t wait till she becomes a youtube sensation.

“Don’t talk at me whiteman, I ain’t your bitch.”  While debating the merit of a street named after her.

Maybe, “Maybe your White Bitch will put up with your patronizing tone, but I won’t!”

“I called you ma’am.”

“OH!, What’s next, jemimah?”

It could be brilliant.

Found at weaselzippers

She came to prominence, it appears, by being a spokesperson for her sister “April.” and it looks like a soap opera, and in the interview on blogtalk radio with crazy woman “Queen Ifama” (the content as applies to ieshuh starts at 10 minutes.) she remarkably comes off as the level head, even though she is clearly quite dumb. Also, mind, that “the level head” aside from likely being a racist term if she reads this, “Level Head” is relative to the degree of crazy that surrounds you.  Example.  Crispin Glover, Danny Glover, Joy Behar, Mel Gibson (who has an erection) and me are in a room.  I come off pretty damn good.

This is a comment she put up early on in the situation with her sister.

The reason April is in Jail, is because of Parental interference, and contempt.

Most of it is just background of how she got active, but the audio interview is fascinating.  There are a bunch of angry chicks, one of whom got bitched by a black man.

This woman is crazy, maybe not as crazy as queen ilfa, but pretty effing insane.

[edits:  Mispelled her name several times, and had to fix some links.]

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Cedra Crenshaw (Bumped, She won Court case it looks)

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 21, 2010

Dana Loesh covered this a few days ago, and whoever uploaded this audio needs to fix the playback, I keep hearing a cartoon character unfortunately.

Cedra Crenshaw is a melanin enriched republican who has been hammered by the Chicago machine (yes, if you haven’t been to chicago for dinner, or are a liberal, you might not know that chicago is a BRUTAL political machine that would make tammeny cry) and literally had her nomination revoked, COUNTER to precedent.  Why?

Apparently for the same reason that people had a right to Jack Ryan’s divorce decree’s, but not to Obama’s college transcripts.

You know?  Causes harm to the children of the Marriage?  Unimportant, give the info to the tribune.

Demand transparency to qualify claims made by a grifter (obama?)  No, that makes you a birther.

Grifter in chief has only won ONE election, and that is for president.  _I_ could run against allen keyes and win.

These people have NO EFFING SHAME!

Update: Dan Riehl says Cedra won the case and is on the Ballot, ruling came down, and only reference is her capaign site apparently, no cite to a news link yet.

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Fanboy Parody

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 21, 2010

Fanboy parody of Metal Gear Solid, mixed with Modern Warfare.  Looks like they are planning on it being a webisode series.

Found at Deans World.

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This Is Actually Kinda Funny if You Know what NKOTB is.

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 19, 2010

I never liked doing celebrity blogarazzi stuff here, cuz I prefer to keep AMA somewhat pure for politics, philosophy and inane humor with a little bit of current events and local news, with a touch of moronophilia.

But this post I just saw at “Seriously OMG WTF” cracked me up, because EVERY EFFING GIRL I dated in highschool trained me well in the nature of the New Kids On The Block.

They were a Phenomenon!  A MAJOR Phenomenon, like a Billion effing Dollars, built on the backs of 5 brooklyn Boston (I knew that)kids.

For those of you not in the know, The New Kids on the Block was a FRIGGEN PHENOMENON!

They had The Right stuff.

They had the Love of every young girl who was just growing their boobies, and all us guys had to find some niche to fill in accordance with the lay out of their boy band paradigmn.

I was a Joey, though I really rated a Donny,  I got so screwed.

I got into more fights than joey ever watched on television, I was A FUCKING DONNY!  But I didn’t get into my height until I was almost 16, went from about 5’2 to about 6′ in about 18 months.


I’m a FUCKING DONNY!  and the Jordan and Johnies used to get my lunch for me and pay for it.

NOT COOL!  Sometimes I hate being the smart sexy tough guy kid.

UPDATE:  I hate to admit it, but that’s actually a pretty good song.

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Alvin Greene’s campaign site

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 19, 2010


I honestly feel bad for this guy, but he’s willing to push the buttons, and stretch the effort, then everything from now on is on his own head.

I’m surprised at what a terrible speaker he is, even the worst, and most idiotic Marine I knew while I was In, knew how to deliver a “class,” in at least a reasonable fashion (myself, I was masterful at it, I would say that my “classes” and my “boards” were how I got all of my Merits, but there can only be so many as wonderous and charismatic as me.)  And though alvin was a washout from 3 services, you feel the the meter and form of classes, and you kinda take them into you.  (not me, I had my own schtick, but that’s because I’m an arrogant knowitall fuck)

I still feel bad for this guy, but he seems immune to real criticism and is more than happy to accept fake praise.  I really do hope he is able to find some way to monetize this sideshow, so that he can fund his next election effort.

If you watch the vid of his speech (that I found at weasel zippers) he seems to be in on it, and there seems to be someone who is helping him out, but I couldn’t miss the part about “Some guy having a judgment delayed, when a pretrial exception” or something like that is referenced twice.

HE’S That some guy, cuz of his charges for being a pervert.

This is one of the most uncharismatic unintelligent, uninformed people that I have ever heard speak, and I know a lot of stupid people, this guy really takes the cake, but He’s EFFING FASCINATING!!!!

I almost want him to be funded, just so that the sideshow can go on.

“but wicked?  He’s Out of Money?”


Don’t argue with me.

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Pretty Cool

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 18, 2010

Apparently making a movie out of this.

Found at IO9, your site for efficient geekdom.

Don’t know what the plan for the feature is, but it has potential.   Hope they keep that kid.  The voice of the robocop 2K  at at thingy sounds a lot like either Louis CK, or Donal Logue.

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“Mass, Displacement Acceleration”

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 18, 2010

That is how Simon at Classical Values describes this brilliant work of art.

I have nothing to add.  Read his comments and other links.

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Miscellanious argument with a friend

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 17, 2010

They used the term “per se.” in an e-mail I received last week.

I responded (being a smart ass) “Per se?  I don’t think that’s english.”

It’s a stupid joke, but this is how it played out.

“I wish you would stop going out of your way grading my correspondence like you are a grade school grammar teacher, and talking down to me goddamnit.  Sometimes I think you go out of your way to make me feel stupid.”

or something like that.

I was startled at the hostility, and the argument went on, I think it’s resolved now, but you never know.

However, let me offer this example.  If it had been Mesa to whom I said this (not likely, he’s not much for terms like that but others are, and most of the others would react the same I figure.)

Mesa :  BLAH BLAH BLAH Per se.

Me: Per Se?  I don’t think that’s english.

Mesa:  Cuz It’s not dipshit.

Me:  OH. That makes sense then.


I’m really startled that this friend that has known me for so long reacted as they did, because most everyone else would have reacted as I depicted in the fresh off the presses wickedpinto theater excerpt.

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Horse Races.

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 17, 2010

I won’t go into an anecdote, cuz everyone gets tired of my “when I was” crap, I will just start to explain my political attitude.

I’m not a republican.  I’m registered unaffiliated, I think it’s called where I live, however, some time ago, I realized I would not vote for a Dem, unless it’s a truly remarkable Dem.

I Voted for Bayh, the first year I could vote I believe, and I voted for lawson, and for a few others, but I thought that some were remarkable, and others were personally interesting (cuz I knew a couple back then)  I wouldn’t vote for any of those people again, but if I had a liebermann on the ballot, I might vote for him, cuz he can’t be any more squishy than the republicans that represent me in general.  I voted for lugar, and I regretted that, the man proved himself an idiot, more than once.

But the my point is, that the question in your mind, shouldn’t be “what party is this person.” but rather “WHO is this person?”

I have NEVER completed my voting ballot, EVER. Because I don’t vote if I don’t know what I’m voting for, that is not so with too many democrats (likely the majority) who just vote for “The Party,” and think they are doing good.  That is pathetic.  Look at poor alvin green, guy simply registered as a candidate, and caught the ire of the national democrat party, for winning an election in the exact same way that the national democrat party tells their “constituents” to vote.  They voted for the first person with a D next to their name.

Don’t learn about the candidate, don’t learn about the issues, don’t actually consider the nature of the election, just push “D” (I think automated party line voting options should be a violation of the VRA) And VOILLA! you have a freeze dried, no thought national and state government you don’t have to fuss about, until you lose your job, your kids, pay for your underage daughters abortion without ever knowing she is pregnant, and the defense of the guy who just tried to break into your house last week, but who’s case is on appeal.


It’s like the genius from gradeschool who said “the answer is always C” when you were too stupid to take a test.

The Democrats treat you as stupid, and you prove it.

by always pressing “D.”

It’s pathetic.

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Sad Poochie.

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 17, 2010

John Scalzi, lost his family dog on Friday.

It’s a well written story of his life with kodi.

I believe that they will be leaping just as hard as you will be at the time they meet you on rainbow bridge kodi.

Rest well good friend, Your pack loves you.

(note to boss, you need to include “poochies” as a category, since I can’t)

(I love dogs)

Here is a link to Rainbow Bridge.

I love dogs, I love my pets, even my persnickety “Smack” (my pet iguana)  I miss them all.  They loved me, and I loved them. (well maybe “smack” wasn’t all that loving, but that’s besides the point.)

I’m sorry John, Krissy and Athena, but Kodi had a full life, filled with the love of their pack in you and Kirssy and Athena, and now, through those of us who have been in the same place.

Rainbow bridge awaits, as an atheist, I only hope for an afterlife, JUST so that I can be with my bandit, my mackie and my smack.

I don’t want them to be alone.

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Posted by Wickedpinto on July 15, 2010

Found at Reason.

Some guys visiting his aunt, sees something sitting on the street.  His aunt is throwing it away.  He decides he wants it.  His aunt says sure.  Cops fine him 2 grand, his aunt 2 grand, and impound is effing Car.  Now THAT is REAL JUSTICE BITCHES!

Meanwhile according to wiki (I know, it’s wiki, but it’s also convenient, and we have a common ancestor or something.)

In 2010 the New York Post reported evidence the NYPD supervisors were under increased pressure to “fudge” crime stats by downgrading major crimes to minor offenses. However, the same researchers that provided the evidence “acknowledged that major crimes were at a historic low.” Still, crime has surpassed 2009’s rates so far this year

So, This year crime seems to be getting slightly worse, while at the same time raising questions about the practices of how crime is gauged so that the city can fudge their numbers, but one things for sure.

Recycling is a revenue source for the city and sanitation officials said the law was “designed to deter organized rings of recycling thefts” that cost the city more than $300,000 a year.

Recycling “crimes” are on the fall.  Good thing that the government has the forethought to think about it’s citizens by fining them $2K a piece, and impounding their car, leading to another fee, meaning that this guy who wanted to save a couple hundred bucks (if even that) instead of buying a new AC, ends up costing himself and his a family member more than $4K for engaging in the cursed cur of civilization in NYC.


My Take away.   First, “Organized ring of recycling thefts.”  WTF!?  You mean like people who are incapable of holding a job, but willing to make an effort to collect things that others treat as refuse so that they can subsidize their lives through effort, work and proffit by reducing the necessary capacity the city must manage?  Like Antiques Roadshow producers?  People who buy stuff at garage sales?  Bums?(the harmless ones, not the stab you for a foety bum.)  How about a kid who wants to go to a baseball camp, and sells lemonade, mows lawns, washes windows, walks dogs and collects cans to pay for it?

Also, if you read the source article, look at how WEAK the friggen dude is when responding to the fact that the effing city just cost him and his aunt more than 4 grand combined.  WHY does the city have to enforce this?  Does the city have HVAC tech’s who poor over every AC the city collects on the street?  Does the city have master carpenters who restore old furniture?  WHAT exactly is the public negative to people saving money by taking other peoples hand me downs?  Even if the person giving it away didn’t know that they were gonna take it when the giver left a commodity someone else could use laying on the street?

Additionally, They enacted this enforcement and fine against the “crime” spree that is costing the city. . . . .$300 grand?  What is NYC’s current deficit?  Is that $300 grand, well, now $304 thousand (plus a little, thanks to this weak kneed wuss) gonna cover all of the crappy programs that that city is funding?

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Renee Elmers/Not Bob Etheridge

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 15, 2010

Insty has a post including an E-mail from one of the constituents down there in South Carolina.  Apparently because of the machine she hasn’t gotten much coverage, and is needy for funding.

Here’s her campaign page.

Here’s her contribution page.

Here’s who she’s running against.

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I never updated this a while back

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 13, 2010

John J Haley was convicted in 2007, of involuntary manslaughter, and got sentenced to 10 years.

I wonder how many times the jurors uttered the phrase “John J. Haley is a piece of fucking shit.”

Apparently at the trial, it came to light that he shoved another elderly fisherman into the lake a month before he killed Du Doan.  The other victim of “Johnny’s” prank survived and testified at the trial, giving supporting evidence for John J Haley’s piece of fucking shittedness.

He was sentenced on November 4th 2007, but I don’t remember catching any of that info on the local news or in the local papers, and the linked post didn’t come up until December 11 2009, so that’s part of why I didn’t follow up on the original post.  Apparently other than 3 local bloggers, like this interesting chick at Bonnies Blog of Crime Nobody gave a damn.

Question.  10 years sentence, what does that come out to in real years?  Assuming he’s able to keep his head and temper and not screw up while in prison?

Update: Forgot that some people might not be familiar with my highly substantive coverage of the situation when it first happened, added link to my first “John J. Haley” post.

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Steinbrenners Dead

Posted by Wickedpinto on July 13, 2010

Controversial Dude sometimes, made a lot of fans of other teams angry for his willingness to “buy” championships, but there is no doubt he was a major player in the sports world, not just baseball.

I don’t track a lot of background in baseball, I’m just a Sox fan, not a fan of the whole sport, but That cat was so all over the goings on in the sport that it’s impossible to ignore his presence, and now his absence.

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