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20 percent?

Posted by Wickedpinto on August 3, 2010

REALLY?  Unless they are people like me who just want to watch the show, those 20 percent need to lose their voting privileges revoked (Yes voting is a privilege, representation is a right, different things, though things change.)

20 percent will vote for alvin greene?

Look, I feel sorry for the guy, and he’s getting a bad shake, but really?  20%?  That means I see two people standing in line when I walk out to get smokes who would vote for someone who is clearly developmentally disabled.  And 1 of the store clerks would vote for him.  That’s 3 people, just in the time it takes for me to buy cancer sticks.

But in a “campaign” for a seat in congress, 20% still think it’s a good idea to vote for this guy?   I think it’s fair to say, that more people disapprove of the fact I smoke, than disapprove of sending this clearly developmentally disabled person to congress.

Perhaps the lesson is, at least 20% of congress is retarded.

I think the exit polling would be mad fodder for people who want to bash dems and identity politics.

And this poor guy is gonna be the one everyone blames for the backlash brought about by their own choices.

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