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Absolute Facts

Posted by Wickedpinto on August 5, 2010

And ambiguous feelings about incomplete Data.

I am NOT a Birther, This horrible horrible president was born in the United states and is “qualified” to be President of The United States of America, but his history of concealment and outright deception and damage control, might, and likely is, the cause for the symptom of “birther,” confusion.  If he didn’t lie constantly, blame everyone, create conspiracy theories of racism, accusations of his muslim faith (he’s not a muslim, he’s not, nor is he a christian or anything other than a narcissist,  he is the one we have been waiting for, so he is god, just ask Oprah.) but what is his paper trail?

Voting present and one speech about opposing Iraq, 8 years before he takes credit for winning it.

So I can understand a broad view that he is hiding something as it applies to anything, seeing as how he has hidden pretty much everything he could about anything that attracts attention, so let me say that Steven L. Taylors derision is overwrought, and unfairly analyzed, at least in my ignorant view.  He asks why only a plurality

“How can it be that only a plurality of Americans “have absolutely no doubts that the president was born in the U.S.”?

Well, maybe because people interpret questions of veracity based on the tellers history of telling the truth?  So most of those who won’t say “absolutely no doubts.” aren’t saying he wasn’t born in Hawaii, but they don’t trust him or his history of obfuscation, so they won’t give him the benefit of the doubt when it comes to anything that is “absolute,” unless it is Vodka, which many more people are more familiar with.

As for

Especially when we have a birth certificate and contemporaneous newspaper birth announcements, along with assurances from the Hawaiian state government?”

Then, that fixes everything.  Here is a famous image of a contemporaneous newspaper report, of a different event, one you think would be valid considering it’s subject matter.

See?  Contemporaneous report proving that Dewey won.

And contemporaneous reports of plastic turkeys.

and contemporaneous reports that Sarah Palin isn’t the mother of Trigg.

Contemporaneous reports that Karl Rove would be indicted within a week.

Birtherism, in it’s original and loopy form, in my opinion, is silly, but a fundamental distrust of this effing guy that is so strong that you kinda go “Eh, you know what?  Maybe even something as loopy as that might not be that effing loopy!”  I can understand that sentiment.  It’s the fool me twice attitude, but using “contemporaneous news accounts.” on something so insignificant as a birth announce being incapable of being fraudulently delivered doesn’t make any sense.  Walter Duranty bub.

Just saying.   It’s not frummish, but it is irritating to use it to depict 58 percent of the populations unwillingness to speak in absolutes, and use it to tar republicans.

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