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Antoine Dodson

Posted by Wickedpinto on August 8, 2010

This is already old, I only decided to click  it Saturday at The Other McCain’s place, but it’s still excellent, and wouldn’t post it if it wasn’t for the moves by Dodson and having watched the extended version.

The Man is even trying to monetize himself.  Good for him.

Also if you scroll down the page, you will find This post Where he shouts out the viral vid, saying he’s negotiating a ringtone, which I think is already a done deal.  He’s also got a T-shirt, already available for a mere $29.95.  I think the $49.95 T-shirt comes with fingerprints.

Just Genius, nice he has a sense of humor, and is taking advantage of an opportunity.

Update:  I can’t believe I didn’t include the last part.   “Our family don’t run around crying and acting sad, we just dust our shoulders off and keep on moving.”

Not a fool, Just Very angry at the time of the interview.

I actually like this guy.

He had a moments rage after helping his sister to NOT be raped, and lost his temper, which in my mind equals, “good effing guy!” and he went off, and a camera just happened to be present, and he became a phenomenon, simply because cameras were there to catch a family very pissed off, and an intrusive reporter asking questions, and then he and his sister were edited to look like fools.  The Gregories/ATTN people saw it, ran with it and now have entered into a contract with them to help out?

If there is humor that is found in the vid, then, in MY OPINION, I think that is good.  Like Antoine the Philosopher said, “dust” yourself off and move on, and find the humor while focusing on the goal.

Catch that bastard, and Eff his Azz up.

(brought about by a conversation with a gamer friend, on a game that I will not admit I play.

[update:  Go to the link, I still think the guy rates hits, But This is just effing ridiculously hilarious.]

3 Responses to “Antoine Dodson”

  1. Great post — zero trackbacks.

  2. I always screw up trackbacks, cuz I used to hate them.

    There was a time when there was a sorta “pornado” hit link setup that created a recursive setup, so I backed off of them (before I came here.)

    Still got that twitch.

  3. douglas said

    Something about this vid, that I didn’t notice until it was pointed out to me.

    When his sister is behind him walking behind him, and it’s edited like she was left right facing for rythmn.

    Brilliant vid, those guys are amazing.

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