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Wost Movie Line Ever?

Posted by Wickedpinto on September 30, 2010

Or just a common conversation with a hot chick who has an accent that you REALLY REALLY REALLY want to sleep with?

I don’t know how many times I’ve been there.

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I don’t know much legalese stuff

Posted by Wickedpinto on September 30, 2010

But Allahpundit said this.

“Exit question: Is she going to lose votes over this? She fired the maid when she (allegedly) found out about her status and has been careful not to disparage her personally in talking about this”

An allegation an AFFIRMATIVE statement, not a negative one?

Like, Chris Matthews ALLEGEDLY doesn’t swallow male semen.  Or, Allahpundit isn’t ALLEGEDLY an eeor?

Those last too make no sense, because they are negative statements, I thought allegations required an affirmative one.  Or maybe I’m so familiar with the common language, that I can’t understand the finite science of pissant linguistic dodges.

Another question, how is it an Allegation that she is obeying the law?  Are we ALLEDGING that Whitman followed the law?  SUE THE BITCH!  I really, just don’t understand that sentence.  (and yes, I’m one of those who is getting sick of Allah)

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Just Kill the Effing Guy.

Posted by Wickedpinto on September 29, 2010

Is there really a negotiation about this?

At Patterico’s:

“the case of a man convicted of raping and killing a 15-year-old child in 1980.  There is no denying he is guilty.  Yet his execution will be held up until at least next year so that the judge can “conduct an orderly review” of a new execution protocol”

Protocol?  PROTOCOL!?  You have to think twice about killing a child rapist and murderer out of PROTOCOL?!

Exactly this stuff is why I support Nitrogen Asphyxiation, there are a lot of other reasons, like, the ability for Death Rowers to donate organs, the “humane” nature of it, and the cheap price of killing scum.  There is no pain, you simply fall asleep, as anyone (like me) who’s been dumb enough to do the helium voice thing one too many times.  You simply fall down, if someone had kept piping me helium I would have died, and never would have known until satan started to break me with his barbed junk.

PROTOCOL delays justice on a baby rapist and murder?  WHAT?!  Nitrogen Asphyxiation would remove all arguments as to 8th ammendment.  In fact, execution is neither cruel nor unusual, but I guess for privileged judges who never took a punch in their life, anything that might be uncomfortable is cruel and unusual.

Just effing kill the effing guy, personally I don’t care if vile murderers and baby rapists are hung by their testicles, and used as a pinata.  That might be “unusual” but it would be entertaining, and forgivable considering THEY ARE EFFING BABY RAPISTS AND MURDERERS!

As for any argument against Nitrogen Asphyxiation as a method of execution, all we are doing is adding about 20% more nitrogen to their inhalations, since Nitrogen makes up about 80% of the atmosphere.  You don’t even need a gas chamber, just a breathing mask, since it is basically a noble gas, hell you can have the audience there within reach of the guy who should be dead as he dies by applying Nitrogen Asphyxiation, and even let them punch the effing guy once his brain starts to shut down from lack of oxygen.  Or hang him by his testicles and beat him with sticks.

Apparently I don’t know the PROTOCOL!

[forgot to link paterico, corrected that]

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This Post has a lot of foul laguage, under jump.

Posted by Wickedpinto on September 29, 2010

Chris Matthews, Read the rest of this entry »

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John Kerry is right

Posted by Viv on September 28, 2010

The American electorate is often clueless and ignorant. We know that at least 52% of voters fall for slogans.

“Hope and Change”, “Yes, we can”, “Stand for Change”, “Change we can believe in”, “Vote for Change”, “Stand for Change”, etc…

Enough said.

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No Elitism Here.

Posted by Wickedpinto on September 27, 2010

Found at Newsbusters:

On Today, from Monday the 27th, The President took some questions.   When asked if he would send his daughters to a DC public school he had this point of genius.

“Given my position, if I wanted to find a great public school for Malia and Sasha to be in, we could probably maneuver to do it.”

Translation, “As one of the princes of political power and privilege, I will be able to pick exactly what school my children can attend unlike you.”

Also, the use of the term “If I wanted.”  So, since he has the privilege of political connections and money, he doesn’t even feel like putting in the effort, unlike the parents who are working so hard to get their kids into the lottery, to prepare to test in, and then cross their fingers who are busting their rears to give their children the greatest chance.  He doesn’t even have to bother.

Yeahp, 100% Man of The People right there.  No sense of entitlement at all.  No casual dismissal of the concerns of parents at all.  No indifference to the plight of the poor and middle-class who feel trapped in the near monopolistic authority of teachers unions in there, AT ALL!

It’s like I can sit down and have a beer with this guy and just shoot the crap on a Friday night.

Lot more of context and info at the link, especially Lauers obvious tapdance to keep the focus on what a, “disgrace,” it is for the kids to be put into a lottery, while ignoring the disgrace of the DCPS.

If you are unaware, there is a documentary called “Waiting for Superman” about charter schools, public schools and teachers union as it follows a few kids hoping to get into one of the charter schools.   The site has a link to a bunch of trailers that will familiarize you with the story being told.  It opened this weekend, in 4 theaters, but the turnout is apparently promising for wider release according to the WSJ.

There is another documentary along the same lines about kids in harlem and queens trying to get into a charter school, called “The Lottery.” Videos and trailers and forums at the  site.

There are two more, but they are smaller efforts that I can’t recall at the moment, sorry, though I think NiceDeb has links to them, that’s where I found the smaller ones anyways.

(Was reminded that it was this weekend, I thought it was next weekend, thanks to BigHollywood’s link to the WSJ article.)

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Two scoops with a sprinkle of Joe Biden

Posted by Viv on September 27, 2010

What is it with Biden speaking at yogurt/custard businesses?

Biden, speaking at a frozen yogurt plant in New Hampshire, said he wanted to “remind our base constituency to stop whining and get out there and look at the alternatives. This President has done an incredible job. He’s kept his promises.”

Stop whining? Zing! He just pissed off a bunch of the base donks who are already struggling to carry Obama’s water.

Said liberal strategist Joe Trippi, Howard Dean’s 2004 campaign manager: “It’s quintessential Joe Biden. The problem is, the base isn’t the problem.”

At this rate, quintessential Biden may be the best player on the Republican team. And if Gibbs, Biden and Pelosi keep yapping over the next few weeks, they may become the whipped cream, nuts and cherry (respectively) on the GOP victory sundae in November.

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MEMORANDUM: No more birther BS!

Posted by Viv on September 27, 2010

While I’m not usually an advocate of candidates and elected officials using “talking points”, I think it is long past due for the GOP to publish a memo to all Republicans telling them how to respond to questions about Obama’s religion and/or birth certificate. How many more times does this have to happen before people know how to respond?

Tim Walberg, the former GOP congressman running to win back his Michigan seat from freshman Democratic Rep. Mark Schauer, says he doesn’t know whether President Obama was born in America or if he is a Muslim.

Asked on a local call-in radio show whether he believes Obama was born in America or if the president is a Muslim, Walberg said Thursday he wasn’t sure.

Of course, shortly after this incident Walberg issued a statement saying he takes Obama on his word about his religion, just as others have already done over and over.

Personally, I like the way Buzz Aldrin handles the nutters.

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Amazingly huge announcement…

Posted by mesablue on September 26, 2010


Yeah, hope not.

This used to be a great place to find and trade information — much love to Wicked for keeping things going — but, I’m pretty fired up about the really awesome  friends that are thinking about joining us here.

Tis the season.

Let’s make some noise!

If you know that song, you are as old as me — so sorry.

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Wizbang has a Caption Contest

Posted by Wickedpinto on September 24, 2010

At Wizbang.

Since they wouldn’t get the joke most likely I will offer my caption.

“So uhh, hey Katy, uh, you know, uh, well, today’s letter is ‘W’ so uh, do you know any words that start with ‘W’?  I’m going with uh, What’s your situation?  No really, What’s the Sitch.”

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Inhalant Cures Shyness

Posted by Wickedpinto on September 24, 2010

Found at DailyMail (a daily must read, Surber digs up a lot of good stuff.)

The hook?

“A nasal spray could cure shyness, a new study suggests.”

Yeah, it’s called cocaine.

If interested in the whole story about oxytocin, apparently a hormone, click trough Surbers Daily Scoreboard so he gets the attention.  I just wanted to toss in some snark.

Lets play “name that inhalant.”

1.)  There is an inhalant that can be used to increase appetite, what is it?

2.) There is an inhalant that increases the likelihood of skin lesions and loss of teeth, what is it?

3.) There is an inhalant that can almost double your prison sentence when you rob someone so you can get some more of that glass D.  What is it?

4.)  There is an inhalant that quadruples the odds of spontaneous establishment of a drum circle.

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Oh, only Back then?

Posted by Wickedpinto on September 24, 2010

Chicago Breaking News:

Bill Ayers was up for emeritus status (whatever that is but it sounds fancy) and was denied.  Probably only got denied cuz he was being judged by one of the sons of RFK, and only reason it got covered. In the article they refer to Ayers this way:

Ayers, the Vietnam War-era radical, had been an education faculty member at UIC since 1987.

Just in the “Vietnam War-era?”

August 8, 1969 was the days of rage, and that fits in the era, but does the weathermens plan to bomb the office of Senator Briggs in 1977 apply?  Does the Brinks robbery (not by Ayers) in 1981 fall into that timeline?  Granted Ayers isn’t linked to the incident, but he did adopt the son of one of two of the people who are.

Or in the famous 2001 article for the NYT:

”I don’t regret setting bombs,” Bill Ayers said. ”I feel we didn’t do enough.”

He’s backpedaled since, but the context, I think, is quite clear.  He meant they didn’t do enough to sow chaos in the nation and the nations institutions into the 80’s, leading to a socialist utopia.

Or when he stood on the American Flag, heeling it into the dirt.  He’s still a radical.  He has no business being anywhere near a position of authority, let alone a position of authority over the children of America.  A nation he still despises despite his comfortable life and liberty here.  He isn’t a “Vietnam War Era” radical.  He is a virulent piece of crap who really was never very important and decided to make himself important by attacking the nation that made him, his girlfriend (dead) and his wife’s families wealthy enough that their children wanted for nothing.   Like legal representation in the 80’s.

When they start piling on qualifiers to describe a leftist, it isn’t to clarify, it is to limit understanding.  He’s still a radical, he would still bomb places in the US, he would still work to incite a race war, he would still have no problem rounding up those in the nation who didn’t join his dream of a socialist paradise and killing them.  The only thing that’s changed is he became a recruiter, getting paid nicely by the state, to train stupid selfish privileged children chasing a degree in “studies” how to undermine the greatest nation on the planet.  To read that line, “Vietname-war era radical,” the goal meant to be spread is that “Oh! That was back then, no biggy now.”

The man himself is insignificant, and why the left is enamored of him for one reason.  His violent hatred of America.  Not all of the left, but too much of it.

Found At Weasel Zippers.

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Posted by Wickedpinto on September 24, 2010

I agree with This, and am including this.  Not because I think it’s right, but because I’ve seen it.

Women do suffer a great deal of judgment in significant jobs.  Some get away without having to suffer over much because they are already at the top, like the Cali Girls, (I don’t say that out of derision, but because I see women as sex objects as well as productive people.)  Any of the women that I would call “girlfriends” I highly suggest you don’t pizz off, the only reason I take the front is because as a friend of ours (mrs. peel) said “Yes I CAN take care of my self but why the hell should I?”  She’s right.

But in the oblivious self serving political circle of ALL news, these guys aren’t faced with people who will stand up for those women.

_I_ call those women I care about “girls” but that is because I know them, and I see them as the young women that they were, be they in their 70’s or 20’s.  They are not waifish weaklings incapable of standing for themselves, but there is no reason for them to, at least, not if there is a MAN around.  These SCUM sound off about equality and fairness, Olbermann, is especially guilty, and how fair they are, all the will crapping on people that they think are worse than them.

Self centered moment.  My neighbor, who I do a lot of stuff for, simply because she can’t, I call, even to her face, “a good old girl.”  She’s 73.  I call her a girl, is she offended?  Whenever I’m in an all guy environment, not just I, but most everyone says, “Oh, we need to go check on the girls.”  Doesn’t matter the age.

If you are married, and you have a wife or fiance’ or longtime girlfiend, do you see your wife as some sort of feminist created ninja master female who has vagina bubbles from hell?  (btw I mailed that to ace several hours before, only with a different link, it was just coincidence) Or do you look on her as you did when you first saw her.  Oh, you see the changes of time, but calling her “mygirl” is affection, not offense.

Inferring a stranger is a whore, or that she should shut up and get naked?  Completely different things.

The problem isn’t about bitchy women, it’s about cowardly men incapable of being MEN, or taking glee in bashing women.  See Olbermann, he loves bashing chicks.

No links for the scum.  Just wanted to rant.

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I’m sorry, I think this is hilarious

Posted by Wickedpinto on September 23, 2010

Apparently there is a product designed to satisfy women sexually that doesn’t include a tongue.

I know how that guy feels, and I am not sure if I should buy stock.  Isn’t that outcome an OPTION, not a FEATURE!?  Or am I a pig?

[true thing, I came about that commercial looking to see if one of my local grociers had enduie (however you spell it) sausage on sale.]

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Obama on Warehouse 13

Posted by Wickedpinto on September 22, 2010

Found at Newsbusters.

But that’s not the half of it: TV Newser reports the chat “will be roadblocked across various NBCU Networks including MSNBC, USA, Syfy, Bravo, Oxygen, Chiller, Sleuth, UNI HD and Universal Sports.”

Well probably not, though it would be a suitable scheduling layout for him. Maybe he can have a guest appearance on Eureka, as the new administrator of Global Dynamics who is able to fix absolutely everything in the town overnight by simply waving his hand, and then “leaving” the secret town filled with dangerous objects. Maybe he can be on Ghosthunters, walking through the scary red states looking for someone who agree’s with his policies. I don’t know.
Of course this is just as it says, a big block run of an interview to promote ratings, probably assuming that the President is so popular that it would lend to ratings, or as the source article says (go there for the “woo” reveal, it’s a short article.) for some other reason.
I’m just curious as to how many Sci-fi geeks are looking forward to have their fantasy spankfest of Jo handcuffing them, or Claudia “hacking their system” (I think there are some kids who call it that nowadays) interrupted by The President.
Though I must admit that he belongs on Oxygen, maybe after we vote him out in a couple years he can have a daytime talk show on Oxygen, and Holder can have an original comedy show on Sleuth.

Sorry for the formatting, I don’t know whats going on.

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All quiet on the Western-Baghdad front

Posted by mesablue on September 22, 2010

UPDATE — Since we’re contemplating getting back to “serious” blogging here, thought I’d bring up an old post from the past that actually had some feet on the ground fun.  Not the norm for the tubes in the old days. It was semi pertinent to what was happening at the time. Not my usual style, but —-

In the post Welcome to Baghdad West, I posted an article from the Detroit News that covered sectarian violence in Detroit between Sunni and Shia muslims.

I also mentioned that I would try to get to the area and take some pictures.

Vandals hit Shi’a stores

DETROIT — Muslim leaders say a spate of vandalism over the weekend involving stores owned by local Iraqis could stem from brewing sectarian Islamic tension over the execution of Saddam Hussein.
While Shi’a and Sunni Muslims are fighting in Iraq, the two groups generally get along in Metro Detroit and the United States. But Muslim and Arab leaders say the hanging of Saddam, and especially the timing of the execution, spurred hard feelings.
They say the vandalized property was owned or operated by people of Iraqi descent who are Shi’a.
“People are scared to come here. It’s very dangerous, this place,” said Inaam Alkhafaji, referring to her Detroit business, Dana Media, whose windows were broken.
“It’s a war with the Iraqi people. Maybe next time they kill us.”

I first went to the Seven Mile and Woodward area to try to find some of the vandalism described in the article since it is not too far from my house. This area is on the far North side of Detroit, quite a way from Dearborn. As I drove down Seven Mile I realised that finding a particular store or building with a broken or boarded up window in Detroit is kind of like trying to find a particular grain of sand on a beach. One third of all houses and buildings in Detroit are either abandoned or falling down. This part of Seven Mile is in a very sketchy neighborhood, but during the daytime it’s pretty safe, so I walked around and took a few pictures.

No obvious signs of damage in the first few pictures:

But, the rest of the neighborhood looked like this:

So, things didn’t look too out of order along the Iraqi stretch of Seven Mile.

To give you an idea of what a bizarre city Detroit is, on the way to my next stop I took a picture of a typical house in the Palmer Woods neighborhood. This house is only half a mile from the house pictured above.

You can pick this house up for a song, but the property taxes in Detroit are among the highest in the nation — not worth it. You’ll pay more in taxes than for your mortgage.

Ok, so on to the West side. Warren Ave. cuts through the Northern edge of Dearborn before continuing on to the Western border of Detroit. The stores and restaurant mentioned in the article are here:

Not much to see other than the one door still boarded up, the restaurant’s windows had been smashed and were already repaired.

On we go, I figured I’d take a few more pictures to give everyone a feel for the area. Pictures really can’t do justice to how arabic this area really is, almost every store’s sign is in arabic lettering and several have no english at all. I couldn’t tell what a few of them were.

I took a few more that didn’t turn out, I really wanted to show the picture of the halal pizza place. I just thought it was funny.

One thing that I’ve always thought a bit weird is the prevalence of strip clubs and liquor stores in Dearborn. One is right next door to LaShish, a very popular restaurant.

Gigi’s strip club (oops, gay bar), with badly placed light pole:

So, all in all, there was not much to see. Especially by Detroit standards, this was much ado about not much. The Sunni and Shia could declare war on each other and it might take a few days for Detroit to notice.

It’s much more exciting when the arab groups take to the streets to demonstrate, downright chilling. They turn out by the thousand on just a moments notice. I’ll make sure to get pictures of that in the future.

Oh, and if you read this post Dean Esmay, bite me — you couldn’t be more full of shit about what goes on here on the arab “street”. Going to lunch on Michigan Ave. once a year does not make you an expert on all things middle eastern in Detroit.

Linked at Stop the ACLU.

Update:Debbie Schlussel has an interesting post about the FBI’s Michigan Special Agent in Charge and his strange ways — Aleikum Salaam, Abu Roberts: Hoffa-Digging, Islamo-Pandering FBI Honcho Leaves Town; Dreams of Terror Suspect’s Return

Regular readers of this site know that I’ve tracked the doings of Dr. Smith (of “Lost in Space”) look-alike, Michigan FBI Special Agent in Charge Daniel Roberts, for some time.
His four biggest achievements are: 1) Wasting millions of dollars in a two-week dig for the body of Jimmy Hoffa at a Michigan farm (we had a daily count, “American Farm Held Hostage”); 2) Pandering ad absurdum to Islamofascists, terrorism supporters, and even a “former” Islamic terrorist; 3) allowing America’s largest Hezbollah financier to flee the country; and 4) working bankers hours for taxpayers, while spending the rest “chasing” terrorists on the treadmill at a local gym.

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Your beautiful music moment…

Posted by mesablue on September 22, 2010

Garbage cans full of golf balls?

Do I get that in Obama Care?

Dude. Stop trying to appear presidential by doing things you just can’t do.

Oh right.

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Amateur Photographer Shoots New Footage

Posted by Wickedpinto on September 18, 2010

Just too cool.

I think the guy was trying to break into the biz.

found at Insty.

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Guess what?

Posted by mesablue on September 17, 2010

Yeah, I’m back.

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Legalize Pot

Posted by Wickedpinto on September 13, 2010

I don’t think that legalization of Marijuana is a gateway towards legalization of “hard” drugs, because I’m pretty sure most drugs are already legal, just in different forms and with different names, yet highly regulated.

A link to a link at classical values.

Legalize pot, and in fact legalize most drugs, but regulate it, over time the regulation will be reduced more and more.  I find it to be a part of nannyism that doesn’t appeal to me, especially since most everyone I know has smoked pot, a fair few smoke somewhat regularly, and because I’m a drinker and a smoker.

Even those I’ve known who use “harder” drugs don’t express addict like behaviour that I’ve noticed.  They act the same way as someone who drinks and went on a bender.  Big deal.  Arrest them when they ACT in a harmful way, but if the only person that MIGHT be harmed is themselves, then leave it be.

I should include that my bad habits, are in fact bad habits, and should be approached as the risky behavior that they are, as should smoking pot and other recreational drug use.  If you take it to extremes, that’s on you, and there is noone else to blame.

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