Absolute Moral Authority

Because plain old moral authority just wasn’t good enough — a mesablue production


Posted by Wickedpinto on September 4, 2010

This song uses “bad words”

But really does it say much more than a bunch of other classic songs?

It’s just that it uses the language of current culture that is more accepting of what some thing of as “foul” language.

Personally I don’t give one damn about the words being used,  I think that the sentiment is actually very kinds, even though the words are horrible.

(Lyrics NSFW)

Who, especially among the men hasn’t thought the same?

I’m rather tall, and good looking and I have no problem sating my needs, but I’m whupped out on one particular person, and I want to say EXACTLY THAT, even though if she turns to me and accepts me, I will be there in an instant.

Sometimes, one moment defines a sensation for life, we don’t plan it or intend it but sometimes when we lose it we get angry, EFF YOU, and EFF THEM TOO!

In truth, we are enslaved to the person we were at that time.  Ask most servicemembers, ask most mothers ask most anyone and they can find that instant when life was no longer a process, but a duty and they pinpoint it into a very specific moment, and if anyone or anything takes it away?  EFF YOU!


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