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Posted by Wickedpinto on September 11, 2010

I have a Memory.

Too much of it is about my own recognition so I won’t share it, I have done so 9 times before in other places.

September 11th is about ALL of us, and OUR stories matter, but we have those stories because we are Americans, because we would never burn a flag, and because we would never blame ourselves for the acts of those days.

A horrible day for those who died, and a horibble day for those who defend America.

For some reason, Calling out those who hate America and oppose America that day are considered “Un-American” because I think those who are. . .well UNAMERICAN should be hung.

My Blood was in that fight, and it was a fight.

On 9’11 I SHOULD have protected those almost 3K people, I SHOULD have been there, That is who I am, It is one of the things that makes find value.

To Crap on it?  Well, I have words for you, if ever I find myself into value again.

Those who mock people like me, who understand the defined target, BY THEIR OWN WORDS! I say this.

You aren’t americans, You are targets.  Rhetorical for the liars who use ammendments to define yourselves, and noones for those of you who call us unamerican, and for those of you in foreign nations?

You are called, TARGETS!

Almost three thousand innocents died this day, thanks to your action, You and your ideology.

I would think NOTHING of cutting you down.

[ed: just to make sure, I would cut you down, RIGHT NOW!]

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