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Posted by Wickedpinto on September 11, 2010

I have a Memory.

Too much of it is about my own recognition so I won’t share it, I have done so 9 times before in other places.

September 11th is about ALL of us, and OUR stories matter, but we have those stories because we are Americans, because we would never burn a flag, and because we would never blame ourselves for the acts of those days.

A horrible day for those who died, and a horibble day for those who defend America.

For some reason, Calling out those who hate America and oppose America that day are considered “Un-American” because I think those who are. . .well UNAMERICAN should be hung.

My Blood was in that fight, and it was a fight.

On 9’11 I SHOULD have protected those almost 3K people, I SHOULD have been there, That is who I am, It is one of the things that makes find value.

To Crap on it?  Well, I have words for you, if ever I find myself into value again.

Those who mock people like me, who understand the defined target, BY THEIR OWN WORDS! I say this.

You aren’t americans, You are targets.  Rhetorical for the liars who use ammendments to define yourselves, and noones for those of you who call us unamerican, and for those of you in foreign nations?

You are called, TARGETS!

Almost three thousand innocents died this day, thanks to your action, You and your ideology.

I would think NOTHING of cutting you down.

[ed: just to make sure, I would cut you down, RIGHT NOW!]


2 Responses to “9/11”

  1. I was dating a girl who’s brother was a probie fire fighter from Staten Island.

    He was supposed to graduate a week or so later.

    The outer borough units that responded ended up running up the towers when communications broke down.

    He died in the collapse.

    I went to New York to be with her. We went to too many funerals where there was a brand new helmet on the coffin — not found.

    Went on for weeks.

    I walked with her to ground zero the next week for the first time since it happened and she’d been evacuated from lower Manhattan by a shipping tug.

    The smell of burnt everything was still in the air — plastic, electrical wires, building materials, whatever. The site was still very hot.

    We walked up to where the fences were where people were posting pictures of those that they hadn’t found yet. Too much.

    The people of New York were amazing the two weeks that I spent there after 9/11. I had always enjoyed New York, but this was so completely different. You could feel the concern.

    I took her back on the Staten Island ferry as it got dark (before they put up the twin beams) and wished that I could do more.

    There are many young men and women who have done so since then — you are my heroes.

    God Bless.

  2. I wasn’t there Mesa, but I was “oh woe’s’ian is me’sian.”

    I don’t think anyone who DID wear the uniform, and then traded it out for walking around in business casual, and THEN didn’t have a, “Why wasn’t I there” moment. Intellectually I KNOW I couldn’t have done anything, but there was something that made me wonder why I wasn’t still in uniform, what selfishness took me away, and what I could have done to keep it from happening.

    There was nothing I could have done, I know, but there is also nothing I can do to keep from thinking that I could have done something If I had stayed.

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