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Legalize Pot

Posted by Wickedpinto on September 13, 2010

I don’t think that legalization of Marijuana is a gateway towards legalization of “hard” drugs, because I’m pretty sure most drugs are already legal, just in different forms and with different names, yet highly regulated.

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Legalize pot, and in fact legalize most drugs, but regulate it, over time the regulation will be reduced more and more.  I find it to be a part of nannyism that doesn’t appeal to me, especially since most everyone I know has smoked pot, a fair few smoke somewhat regularly, and because I’m a drinker and a smoker.

Even those I’ve known who use “harder” drugs don’t express addict like behaviour that I’ve noticed.  They act the same way as someone who drinks and went on a bender.  Big deal.  Arrest them when they ACT in a harmful way, but if the only person that MIGHT be harmed is themselves, then leave it be.

I should include that my bad habits, are in fact bad habits, and should be approached as the risky behavior that they are, as should smoking pot and other recreational drug use.  If you take it to extremes, that’s on you, and there is noone else to blame.

3 Responses to “Legalize Pot”

  1. Ron Dean said

    I have to agree with your sentiments about marijuana. We spend vast resources interdicting and incarcerating marijuana users and sellers, for a drug that is provably less harmful than alcohol or cigarettes.

    I have more of a problem with the other drugs though. PCP use results in the most extreme behavior and super human strength to carry out that behavior. Crystal meth is probably the most insidious drug known to mankind because of the way it consumes the user and destroys their brains. I can’t see ever legalizing these drugs.

    Other popular drugs (cocaine, heroin) are also extremely destructive. I suppose education and treatment should be better funded than the interdiction and incarceration that are currently receiving the bulk of the dollars. Perhaps the tax revenues and free up resources made available with legal marijuana could help with these costs.

  2. Kill them all.

  3. douglas said

    When You ACT! destructive, you should get a “bounce” (If you’ve ever been arrested as a rather large person, who talks crap, you know what that means, it consists of scars on your eyebrows) I’m just of the opinion that it’s YOUR responsibility to not act like a criminal. (BTW, I’ve mentioned this before, In highschool I loved coke, now that I’ve lived a bit of life not so much.)

    Legalize it, regulate it, let your face be seen and known, feel comfortable, but whenever I smell like beer I get funny looks and arrogant attitudes, and that’s MY fault.

    Same with pot, same with snotwhiping cokefiends and scratcy heroin and meth users.

    Now the meth users I didn’t like, the only ones I knew were people filling in when they couldn’t get coke, and they acted like someone used to light beer introduced to shots of everclear, again, the bender attitude. but the next day? completely normal, I don’t think I know or knew a single “addict,” just people who liked to relax with their favorite drug, sometimes a little too much, but not regularly.

    IN MY EXPERIENCE. Which isn’t exactly small.

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