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Oh, only Back then?

Posted by Wickedpinto on September 24, 2010

Chicago Breaking News:

Bill Ayers was up for emeritus status (whatever that is but it sounds fancy) and was denied.  Probably only got denied cuz he was being judged by one of the sons of RFK, and only reason it got covered. In the article they refer to Ayers this way:

Ayers, the Vietnam War-era radical, had been an education faculty member at UIC since 1987.

Just in the “Vietnam War-era?”

August 8, 1969 was the days of rage, and that fits in the era, but does the weathermens plan to bomb the office of Senator Briggs in 1977 apply?  Does the Brinks robbery (not by Ayers) in 1981 fall into that timeline?  Granted Ayers isn’t linked to the incident, but he did adopt the son of one of two of the people who are.

Or in the famous 2001 article for the NYT:

”I don’t regret setting bombs,” Bill Ayers said. ”I feel we didn’t do enough.”

He’s backpedaled since, but the context, I think, is quite clear.  He meant they didn’t do enough to sow chaos in the nation and the nations institutions into the 80’s, leading to a socialist utopia.

Or when he stood on the American Flag, heeling it into the dirt.  He’s still a radical.  He has no business being anywhere near a position of authority, let alone a position of authority over the children of America.  A nation he still despises despite his comfortable life and liberty here.  He isn’t a “Vietnam War Era” radical.  He is a virulent piece of crap who really was never very important and decided to make himself important by attacking the nation that made him, his girlfriend (dead) and his wife’s families wealthy enough that their children wanted for nothing.   Like legal representation in the 80’s.

When they start piling on qualifiers to describe a leftist, it isn’t to clarify, it is to limit understanding.  He’s still a radical, he would still bomb places in the US, he would still work to incite a race war, he would still have no problem rounding up those in the nation who didn’t join his dream of a socialist paradise and killing them.  The only thing that’s changed is he became a recruiter, getting paid nicely by the state, to train stupid selfish privileged children chasing a degree in “studies” how to undermine the greatest nation on the planet.  To read that line, “Vietname-war era radical,” the goal meant to be spread is that “Oh! That was back then, no biggy now.”

The man himself is insignificant, and why the left is enamored of him for one reason.  His violent hatred of America.  Not all of the left, but too much of it.

Found At Weasel Zippers.


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