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Posted by Wickedpinto on September 24, 2010

I agree with This, and am including this.  Not because I think it’s right, but because I’ve seen it.

Women do suffer a great deal of judgment in significant jobs.  Some get away without having to suffer over much because they are already at the top, like the Cali Girls, (I don’t say that out of derision, but because I see women as sex objects as well as productive people.)  Any of the women that I would call “girlfriends” I highly suggest you don’t pizz off, the only reason I take the front is because as a friend of ours (mrs. peel) said “Yes I CAN take care of my self but why the hell should I?”  She’s right.

But in the oblivious self serving political circle of ALL news, these guys aren’t faced with people who will stand up for those women.

_I_ call those women I care about “girls” but that is because I know them, and I see them as the young women that they were, be they in their 70’s or 20’s.  They are not waifish weaklings incapable of standing for themselves, but there is no reason for them to, at least, not if there is a MAN around.  These SCUM sound off about equality and fairness, Olbermann, is especially guilty, and how fair they are, all the will crapping on people that they think are worse than them.

Self centered moment.  My neighbor, who I do a lot of stuff for, simply because she can’t, I call, even to her face, “a good old girl.”  She’s 73.  I call her a girl, is she offended?  Whenever I’m in an all guy environment, not just I, but most everyone says, “Oh, we need to go check on the girls.”  Doesn’t matter the age.

If you are married, and you have a wife or fiance’ or longtime girlfiend, do you see your wife as some sort of feminist created ninja master female who has vagina bubbles from hell?  (btw I mailed that to ace several hours before, only with a different link, it was just coincidence) Or do you look on her as you did when you first saw her.  Oh, you see the changes of time, but calling her “mygirl” is affection, not offense.

Inferring a stranger is a whore, or that she should shut up and get naked?  Completely different things.

The problem isn’t about bitchy women, it’s about cowardly men incapable of being MEN, or taking glee in bashing women.  See Olbermann, he loves bashing chicks.

No links for the scum.  Just wanted to rant.


3 Responses to “Sexism”

  1. Beth said

    I’d like to see what shitheads like Olbermann and his kind would do if someone were to say the shit they say about Sarah Palin, etc. about their mothers.

  2. Wouldn’t happen at all if any punk thought to do it to any of the women I or my friends care about. Not all of us big, the big ones are a little more restrained using voice, but the smaller guys are feisty.

    When a friend who’s only known your mother for maybe a week, nearly threatens someones life for stealing your mothers parking space, even over such a small thing, and with all of his failings, DOES speak to an underlying character.

    Like peel said in a post a while ago “I knew you could take care of yourself.” he said, and she said “Yeah, I could, but I shouldn’t have to!” and she’s right.

  3. Douglas said

    I don’t think I mentioned it here. That nice old girl neighbor passed away on dec 10.

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