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Amazingly huge announcement…

Posted by mesablue on September 26, 2010


Yeah, hope not.

This used to be a great place to find and trade information — much love to Wicked for keeping things going — but, I’m pretty fired up about the really awesome¬† friends that are thinking about joining us here.

Tis the season.

Let’s make some noise!

If you know that song, you are as old as me — so sorry.

4 Responses to “Amazingly huge announcement…”

  1. Not only did I go to a Tubes concert — I played against them in a charity softball game.

    They’re not very good softball players. We made a lot of money.

    But, they do have the best name of a drummer of all time.

  2. Viv said

    Lightning bolt FTW!

  3. I think I know about this lightning bolt.

    I guess its time for another link in the sidebar.

  4. Beth said

    *lazy lightning bolt ftw!*


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