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MEMORANDUM: No more birther BS!

Posted by Viv on September 27, 2010

While I’m not usually an advocate of candidates and elected officials using “talking points”, I think it is long past due for the GOP to publish a memo to all Republicans telling them how to respond to questions about Obama’s religion and/or birth certificate. How many more times does this have to happen before people know how to respond?

Tim Walberg, the former GOP congressman running to win back his Michigan seat from freshman Democratic Rep. Mark Schauer, says he doesn’t know whether President Obama was born in America or if he is a Muslim.

Asked on a local call-in radio show whether he believes Obama was born in America or if the president is a Muslim, Walberg said Thursday he wasn’t sure.

Of course, shortly after this incident Walberg issued a statement saying he takes Obama on his word about his religion, just as others have already done over and over.

Personally, I like the way Buzz Aldrin handles the nutters.

3 Responses to “MEMORANDUM: No more birther BS!”

  1. If you allow the question to be asked, you live with the result of the answer.

  2. Beth said

    I agree, the birthers need to find another cause to rally around. This is a total waste of time, and they’re an embarrassment.

  3. I think the big problem is that even if birthers are completely isolated, it won’t keep the leftists from constantly referencing it. Like whenever there is an attack by a muslim on a non-muslim caught on video, you will always hear them say, “Why are you inciting us?” Meaning they have a right to riot because you hurt their feelings.

    Because a few wackjobs mentioned it a few times about Obama, the left can say “this is fair game because someone you might have the most tenuous connection to hurt our feelings.”

    Effing scum.

    And thanks for the maiden post viv.

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