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No Elitism Here.

Posted by Wickedpinto on September 27, 2010

Found at Newsbusters:

On Today, from Monday the 27th, The President took some questions.   When asked if he would send his daughters to a DC public school he had this point of genius.

“Given my position, if I wanted to find a great public school for Malia and Sasha to be in, we could probably maneuver to do it.”

Translation, “As one of the princes of political power and privilege, I will be able to pick exactly what school my children can attend unlike you.”

Also, the use of the term “If I wanted.”  So, since he has the privilege of political connections and money, he doesn’t even feel like putting in the effort, unlike the parents who are working so hard to get their kids into the lottery, to prepare to test in, and then cross their fingers who are busting their rears to give their children the greatest chance.  He doesn’t even have to bother.

Yeahp, 100% Man of The People right there.  No sense of entitlement at all.  No casual dismissal of the concerns of parents at all.  No indifference to the plight of the poor and middle-class who feel trapped in the near monopolistic authority of teachers unions in there, AT ALL!

It’s like I can sit down and have a beer with this guy and just shoot the crap on a Friday night.

Lot more of context and info at the link, especially Lauers obvious tapdance to keep the focus on what a, “disgrace,” it is for the kids to be put into a lottery, while ignoring the disgrace of the DCPS.

If you are unaware, there is a documentary called “Waiting for Superman” about charter schools, public schools and teachers union as it follows a few kids hoping to get into one of the charter schools.   The site has a link to a bunch of trailers that will familiarize you with the story being told.  It opened this weekend, in 4 theaters, but the turnout is apparently promising for wider release according to the WSJ.

There is another documentary along the same lines about kids in harlem and queens trying to get into a charter school, called “The Lottery.” Videos and trailers and forums at the  site.

There are two more, but they are smaller efforts that I can’t recall at the moment, sorry, though I think NiceDeb has links to them, that’s where I found the smaller ones anyways.

(Was reminded that it was this weekend, I thought it was next weekend, thanks to BigHollywood’s link to the WSJ article.)


4 Responses to “No Elitism Here.”

  1. The Little People will get what we give them, and like it.

    – Burocq Hussein Obama

  2. Viv said

    I saw an update from Meg Whitman that she just saw the Waiting for Superman documentary and said it was a “must see.” The situation in DCPS system is deplorable. Those who make an actual effort to effect change there, get the boot thanks to the teacher unions.

    I’m getting very bitter about the entitlement attitudes I’ve been observing lately – both in the public eye and in my recent personal encounters. At some point, I’ll be telling people to earn their own damn way and STFU.

  3. It’s actually pretty funny if you go to the vids, and watch the Q&A you see that the one person who is outright opposed to the movie and to charter schools, and talks the longest, while saying the least. CLASSIC bad teacher/politician.

  4. Beth said

    I saw a post at the Huffington Post (yeah, I know) about the film that was rather bland, but the comments, oh the comments – the trained monkeys were out in force, drunk as shit on the union kool-aid, exactly as you would expect. There’s nothing more reliable than a fucking kool-aid drunk moonbat when you want to hear socialist party line bullshit.

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