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John Kerry is right

Posted by Viv on September 28, 2010

The American electorate is often clueless and ignorant. We know that at least 52% of voters fall for slogans.

“Hope and Change”, “Yes, we can”, “Stand for Change”, “Change we can believe in”, “Vote for Change”, “Stand for Change”, etc…

Enough said.

4 Responses to “John Kerry is right”

  1. to paraphrase my brother from just a few minutes ago.

    When politicians talk this way to normal people, as though we don’t know our symbols and can’t combine words into a sentence, it makes me want to “kick them in the throat.”

    (I’m gonna work that into my “stab yourself in the face.” “Go Punch yourself” and other responses to something stupid.)

  2. Democrats and babies. Both cry and whine a lot, and both are looking for toher people to change things for them.

  3. toher = other

    When I grow up, I will learn how to type.

  4. Beth said

    Just remember, “Halp us Jon Carry, we r stuk hear in Irak.”

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